Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 10, 2008

DDR Danceoff!

Every once in a while, the trainers at Conditioning Specialists and SB Fitness Magazine throw get-togethers and BBQ. We had another one the fun shindigs two weekends ago.

We had great BBQ ribs and kebabs, along with Macie’s amazing 7 layer dip and Nick’s delicious enchiladas. My contribution? Whipped cream. Well, I also brought brownies, but the whipped cream is my favorite part.

Here’s a look at all the yummy food:

Look at all this deliciousness

Look at all this deliciousness

As usual, there were some VERY heated games of table tennis going on. The stakes are high, so the guys get serious!

Sorry, I dont know why its so small!

Sorry, I don't know why it's so small!

But what made this BBQ extraordinary was that Jesse brought his DDR and challenged everyone to a danceoff!

Remember DDR; Dance Dance Revolution? That arcade game where you ance and step on the platform to the music? It was kind of pupular way back when?

He hooked up the home version to the TV and the dance off began! Everyone had a few practice rounds which were hilarious to watch. Here’s Jesse practicing: (He even brought his own socks!)

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

And then the dares began. Being the trainers that they are, bets included physical conditioning moves. When Jesse beat Melanie in a round of dance offs, she had to become the human table!

Human Table

Human Table

I think DDR dance offs are going to be a regular part of the CS get togethers from now on. I think some people may even be secretly practicing 🙂



  1. Trainers eat brownies? I guess Melanie’s showing us that working hard and playing hard are really just the same thing.

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