Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 10, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Adventure

Denise Richards has done it. So has Robert Downey Jr, and Jennifer Aniston. Now Julia has done it too.

Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen my name among a list of celebrities. Kind of exciting, I must admit. Though it’d be more fun to see my name up there in a list of the Fortune 500 or something, I think it’s cool enough that my name is up there in the list of people who have tried Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

It’s also called paddle boarding, or paddle surfing, but I’ll call it SUP, for short. It’s a great new sport that I got to try out a couple weekends ago, for an article I was working on, about SUP in Santa Barbara. Doug and I got to meet with Jim and Mark, who are both local SUP expert, at Leadbetter Beach, and they gave us an unforgettable SUP experience.

Here’s a photo of what SUP is like:

Here I am about to go SUP for the first time

Here I am about to go SUP for the first time

I had so much fun, and a GREAT workout. Man! This sport has the potential to really whip you into shape. Core, arms, balance, legs, everything! By the end of the session (about an hour), I was really feeling the burn. Jim told me he once had a 9 hour session. Yowza!

I always love trying out new things, and I can see myself getting hooked on SUP. There’s something so calming, yet invigorating about being on the water. Feeling the little waves lap around my board, seeing the outrigger canoes go by, seeing the people on the beach get smaller and smaller…. It’s peaceful, yet thrilling.

AND, I went into the Santa Barbara ocean for the FIRST time.

Yup. I’ve lived right next to the ocean for four years without once going in. But I did. And it wasn’t too horrible.

If you want to know more about my SUP adventure, click on the photo to read the article I wrote for the magazine.

You cant really see, but the colors of the board matched my bathing suit, and it made me really happy

You can't really see, but the colors of the board matched my bathing suit, and it made me really happy

If you want to know more about the history of the sport, you can read my WhatSUP? article at You can also watch a video of Jim give tips and advice on how to SUP.

Here’s one last photo of me and Doug – Look at how big the board is! That’s why it is so stable on the water. It’s MUCH bigger than a surfboard.

Look at the BIG board!

Look at the BIG board!

I would love to give a shout out to Jim and Mark. Thank you so much for such a fun adventure! I really can’t wait to give this another shot. And I can’t wait for Jim to open his SUP specialty shop right here in SB. I will update you all when he does.

***UPDATE*** Jim’s new SUP store is

Blueline Stand Up Paddle Surf
24 E. Mason Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
T 805.450.9490
F 805.569.9591



  1. Man, that looks like fun. I can’t believe you got to go out on a board and have a great time when there’s not even a single wave to be found. You don’t even need to drive down the coast to have fun in the water!

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