Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 11, 2008

TV’s toughest trainer

I try to work out at least 4 times a week. And since I don’t have access to a gym right now, (sad I know… soon though, soon!) I work out at home. Working out at home is actually better than I expected. I don’t have to make sure my socks match, I don’t have to pack a gym bag (and never have to bok myself on the head for forgetting a towel), I can look like a complete slob and not care what anyone is going to think, and I don’t have to actually go anywhere!

To help me workout, I bought some DVDs. My favorite one so far is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

She will make you sweat!

She will make you sweat!

This DVD is amazing! I’ve been doing this DVD now for a while and I feel like it’s really working! Her combination of strength moves with a bit of cardio really kicks my butt! She says she is TV’s toughest trainer and she does not disappoint!

Each segment of the DVD is 20-ish minutes long, so I did two segmetns to have a 45 minutes-ish workout. Here is what I did: (I did level 2 first, and then did level 1; get the hard stuff out of the way first!)

3 minute warm up by jogging in place, jumping jacks, half-burpees, etc

30 seconds walking push ups, followed by 1 minute reverse chest fly on BOSU ball (repeat again)
30 seconds knee ups, 30 seconds half-burpees (repeat once for a total of two minutes)
1 minute abs (Crunches while raising and lowering one leg -30 seconds for each leg)
30 seconds bent over rows while in lunge position on BOSU ball, followed by1 minute forward and backward lunges while doing bicep curls (repeat once on other leg)
30 seconds jumping twists, 30 seconds skater moves (repeat once for a total of two minutes)
1 minute abs (30 seconds hip raises, 30 seconds double crunches)
30 seconds balancing military press, followed by 30 seconds of squats on BOSU ball (repeat once on other leg)
30 seconds plank jacks, 30 seconds double jump rope (didn’t use actual jump rope – just pretend. Repeat for total of two minutes)
1 minute abs (I did bicycles because the one she does on the DVD hurts my shoulders)

a couple minutes to cool down, and I did level 1. Level one is similar to level 2, but somewhat easier. The cardio portions of level 1 are much easier, with jumping jacks, and butt kicks.

By the end I was sweating buckets and felt a really good tiredness. (is that a word?) Jillian never fails to kick my butt. I’ve been doing this DVD for about a month now, but it’s not getting any easier! I am still too scared to do level 3!

I will keep you updated on my workouts – next full workout is scheduled for Friday. I might do a little work on my arms tonight…. still up in the air



  1. Do work!

  2. Yup im doin some work. and loving it too

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