Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 16, 2008

I have some good news, and some bad news

I guess I can’t be lucky all the time. This Saturday, I went to Vons to buy some chips and dip for Sonny’s BBQ. I was SO excited to see some almond butter on sale! It’s regularly $7.99, but it was going for $4.99. Sweet! I love PB and AB and nutella (I will eat a jar in two days) so I was stoked to find a good deal.

When I went to pay for it though, I got charged the full price of $7.99. I was just gonna let it slide (I mean, it’s just three dollars right…?) but James insisted we go talk to someone about it. Boy! I’m sure glad I did! Because guess what?

They gave me the bottle for free! That’s right! They refunded me the entire $7.99 purchase! Wow! Great customer service at the Vons. They were so nice and helpful. Yay for the Turnpike Vons!

Mmmm, this is yummy stuff. It’s called Creamy Almond Butter by MaraNatha. I was surprised that it was sweet. You can really taste the almond-ness, and I liked how it wasn’t as salty as some peanut butters. I haven’t really found what to use it on, so I decided to just eat it out of the jar. Super good. Even better, because it was free. Yay!

Thank you Vons for this free jar!

Thank you Vons for this free jar!

But I guess I can’t be lucky all the time. The next day, I went to Trader Joe’s in Goleta to pick some stuff up. A couple things went wrong.

First, I couldn’t find the whole wheat English Muffins I wanted. (Not to self – don’t go shopping at 7 on a Sunday – the shelves are empty!) So I settled on the white English muffins. (boo! These are NOT NEARLY as tastey!) But when I got home….. EW!!!!

Three of the six muffins were ALREADY completely MOLDY! Gross gross gross! I didn’t expect this, coming from TJs! I wasn’t in the mood to find my receipt, drive ALL the way back to TJs for some measley muffins, so I had to just throw them out. But what a bummer! I guess I can’t win all the time



  1. What an eventful day of grocery shopping that was! I’ll bet almond butter would go great with moldy muffins…

  2. Ew James! Moldy muffins and AB? That’s so nasty. 😛

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