Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 16, 2008

Yay BBQ!

I grew up in Tokyo. There is NO barbequing going on in Tokyo. No one has a backyard, and no one owns a grill. (ok, except maybe the millionaires. I’m sure they’ve got the grill) So for me,  backyard BBQs have always had a mystical allure. It’s a whole genre of cooking I’m very unfamiliar with.

So I’m always excited to get invited to a BBQ. On Saturday, Sonny, (one of the trainers at the Conditioning Specialists personal training studio in Santa Barbara) threw a BBQ to do some beer tasting and watch football. (I’m from Tokyo. Football is foreign to me too)

Yumminess. I love BBQ food. Sonny grilled a whole chicken, which was very impressive. And moist and delicious. We also had a plethora of chips and dips, hot dogs, and burgers. All very good.

What really impressed me though was the bar – they had this cool contraption that pre-measures a shot, and can pour it out for you. It makes you feel like a pro at the bar counter. Here’s me pretending to be a bar tender.

What can I fix for you?

What can I fix for you?

I made myself a sweet cocktail of Malibu rum, mango juice, and OJ. I love fruity drinks.

Another thing I was impressed with, was their little herb and veggie garden. Growing my own food is something I would love to learn how to do.

Juicy looking tomatoes
Hot hot!

Hot hot!

These are what you call Vine Ripened Tomatoes. Nice. Another fun thing you can do when you have a backyard, is draw in chalk! I remember when I a was little girl in Tokyo, I would ask my mom if I could buy some chalk and draw on the side walk. The answer was always “No.” It’s not safe for little girls to sit on the sidewalk or road and draw. I’d get trampled on! So the backyard draw-a-thon was a fun, new experience. Gosh, Americans are so lucky!

Group Effort

Group Effort

By the end of the night, the entire backyard was covered in chalk art. It was a group effort project. It was fun.

Such a great BBQ. Thanks Sonny!



  1. Now how’s that for an All-American get together? Bbq, beer, and college grid iron! There’s culture for you!

  2. this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    (Happy James-y?)

  3. awww Rachyyyy! yay! SO excited for you to get back to SB and we can have 90210 time!

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