Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 17, 2008

Great thigh exercises with Jackie!

As you know, I’m a fan of home workouts. No need to get changed, drag myself out of the house, and travel to the gym and back. At home, I can do workout whenever I feel like, and it’s ok that my outfit doesn’t match, or is torn.

Last night, I studied for my NASM personal training test, and then did an 80 min-ish workout in my room, while indulging in a guilty pleasure; the new season of 90210 on the CW. (another reason why I like staying at home!)

Here’s what I like to do while watching TV: 30 minutes of 50 reps of all the ab moves I can think of. It’s incredible how much easier ab work is when you’re watching your favorite show! It makes the half hour fly by! (I promise!)

I did : 50 regular crunches (25 on BOSU ball, and 25 on floor), double crunches, bicycle, russian twist, hip ups, reverse crunches, 1 minute plank hold, 1 minute side plank holds (30 seconds on each side), side bends (25 on each side, with 16lb dumbells), side crunches, clam, scissors, leg lifts, alternating leg lifts, 30 plank jacks, 50 mountain climbers, 1 minute plank hold (30 seconds on one leg, 30 seconds on the other leg), v-sits, and the butterfly move (lay on back, legs and arms spread, and bring one leg up and touch it with the opposite arm, repeat on other side)

I actually did it for 40 minutes. I might have missed a couple, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. And I don’t rest in between. My abs BURN after this. Soon, I will post how-to photos under Fitness Tidbits.

Then I did about 20 minutes of legs with some cardio mixed in:

1 minute squats, 1 min front lunges (alternating legs), 1 min box squats, 30 seconds jump squats, 30 seconds shuffle, 1 min ballerina squats, 1 min backwards lunges (alternating legs), 1 min single leg dead lifts, 30 seconds military style knee ups, 30 seconds shuffle, 1 minute sumo squats, 1 minute ballerina squats (I need to work my inner thighs!) 1 min sumo squats with this diagonal squat (I’ll find the official name of it soon), 30 seconds knee ups, 30 seconds kicks, 1 min bridges, 1 min reverse scissors, and 2 minutes donkey kicks (at 45 degree angle, 1 min on each leg), couple min stretches.

This routine has REALLY improved my leg muscles. I do this 1-2 times a week, and I have noticed a WONDERFUL improvement. This is actually from the DVD called Workout: one-on-one training with Jackie. Her lower body routine is amazing. My thighs have gotten quite toned from this workout.

She looks so amazing - great motivation!

She looks so amazing - great motivation!

I then did her upper body routine, but unfortunately, my shoulder is injured, and I couldn’t do much. But it looks like something that would be a great workout if I could actually do all of it. Heal shoulder, heal!



  1. cool tips! If I had a tv, I would definately do an ab routine while I watched it (at least during commercials)

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