Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 18, 2008

Beautiful Walking Route in Santa Barbara

But don’t let the name fool you! You will FEEL this walk!

I went for a walk after work at SB Fitness Mgazine yesterday, through what they call the “riviera” of Santa Barbara. Let me tell you. It’s breathtaking. You go up the hills, and you can see the ocean in the background…. one of the many many reasons why I love living in SB.

The weather was PERFECT as I set out on my walk. I started at Conditioning Specialists on State St, walked to Micheltorena St through Alemeda Park, and up California St. I didn’t even know this SUPER DUPER steep hill existed until last week, but I’m glad I did. It’s such a KILLER hill. My glutes and hamstrings were on FIRE by the time I got to the top. It’s a realtively short hill (thank goodness! Or I would’ve given up) but it will blast your rear. Big time. When I got to the top of California St, I took this picture; the sight is so pretty it makes the burn worth it.

At the top of a steep hill, theres always a view!

At the top of a steep hill, there's always a view!

I continued up the hill, up Alameda Padre Serra, up Lasuen Road, to Mission Ridge Road. There are so many beautiful homes up there. I kept telling myself “one day I will have one of these homes!” (Dream on, Julia…) Here’s another breathtaking view from the riviera

One of these days, I will live up here

One of these days, I will live up here

I then went back down the way I came, and went on home. My legs got a really fantastic workout from this walk. A terrific butt blaster. According to, the walk was 3.69 miles, and it took me an hour to walk it. Not bad, considering how half of it was a steep climb up. I will definitely be including this walk into my workout routine before it starts to become wintery and cold. The views alone are worth making the effort for. Here’s a view of Alameda Park; it seems so “Californian” to me. Nothing like Tokyo at all.

Alameda Park - so Californian

Alameda Park - so Californian


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