Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | September 23, 2008

Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market Obsession

I have a GOOD sense of smell. Almost like a dog. It is both a blessing and a curse. Most of the time, I regard it as a curse – I can smell one cigarette from a mile away, I can smell all sorts of trees, plants, garbage, and who knows what else on the streets… and don’t even get me started on what I can smell sometimes at fitness clubs! Haha ๐Ÿ˜›

One of the few times I feel blessed to have a great sense of smell is when I go to the farmer’s market in SB. It’s like a frickin’ festival for my olfactory senses. The smells of the fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, and veggies can send my nose into produce heaven. It’s one of the reasons I love going to the farmer’s market downtown on Saturdays. I love taking in huge, deep breaths of the fresh, local bounty from the earth.



I like the Saturday Farmer’s Market the best. I like the one on Tuesdays downtown, and the one in Goleta on Sundays, but the Saturday one, in my opinion, has the best vendors. My favorite grape farm and melon farm are there on Saturdays. Plus, I love how festive it feels, with the live music. I heard a digeridoo, (spelling?) a banjo, an a capella singer, flute, and guitar players. They’re all so good!

Like fish egg jelly or something. So exotic!

Like fish egg jelly or something. So exotic!

Have you ever seen a DRAGON FRUIT? I’ve seen Dragon Fruit as a flavor for some juices, but I had never seen a real fresh one! How pretty are they? They are hot pink and so exotic looking. But the real surprise is what lays inside. The flesh of the Dragon Fruit is a white and gelatinous with tiny sesame see-looking seeds sprinkled throughout. It has a very mild and sweet flavor, nothing like you would imagine from the VIBRANT colors of the outer skin. I never would have expected it to taste like that! I love discovering new foods!

Have you ever seen a rainbow tomato?

Have you ever seen a rainbow tomato?

Check out this multi-colored tomato…. This tomato stand had some of the funkiest looking, yet most delicious tomatoes! I can’t remember the name of this particular kind, but I was drawn to it because of all its different colors. I’m a sucker for anything bright and colorful. I wonder, if I use this tomato to make marinara sauce, what color would it turn out to be?

Whats up doc?

What's up doc?

A BIG bunch of carrots for only two dollars! When you can get such fresh-from-the-farm, sweet, delicious, and CHEAP produce, why on earth would you go to the supermarket?

California grown

California grown

So many lemons and limes! Margarita, anyone?

And oh my gosh! I was SO HAPPY when I saw these Jujubees…. being that it’s my nickname and all, I just had to take a photo! Apparently, they are like figs. Yay!

I didnt know I was a fruit

I didn't know I was a fruit

And for the first time in my life, I saw almonds still in their pod. I’ve seen peanuts in thier shells, but never an almond. I got to crush one open and try it out. I love almonds ๐Ÿ™‚

The nutcracker

The nutcracker

Another thing I love about the farmer’s market is all the free samples! I got to try out so many pieces of fruit – I probably was able to get all my daily fruit servings in the form of samples. Haha. I left that day with two different kinds of sweet red peppers, an onion, two pears, and a bunch of carrots, all for only 6 bucks! Look at the amazing selection of peppers I had to choose from!

Just look at all these colors!

Just look at all these colors!

I can’t wait for next weekend!



  1. Oh, man. Those pictures sure do make fresh veggies look GOOD! It’s amazing how different the farmer’s market produce is from supermarket produce. All in all, it’s a MUCH better deal to support your local produce growers.

  2. yeah! Local=good. I’d be a locavore if I could.

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