Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 1, 2008

Forward Lunge Exercise Videos

For the launch of the new SB Fitness Magazine’s website (, the trainers at Conditioning Specialists got together to film some “how-to” exercise videos. It was such a fun experience – Brian was kind enough to film it for us, and he is a genius filmmaker.

The focus of the videos are on proper exercise techniques. We take you through some common deviations so that you can be aware of what you may be doing wrong. We also take you through some progressions in case you want a harder workout.

The Forward Lunge:
Lunges are a GREAT strength builder, and you can do them just about anywhere, and no equipment is required! It is a fantastic way to tone and strengthen your lower body

Muscles Worked:
Quadriceps (the front of your thighs)
Hamstrings (the back of your thighs)
Gluteals (Butt!)
Calf muscles
Hip flexors

Common Deviations:
Knee goes beyond your toes – Bad four your knees
Your foot drags when you step back – Your gluteal muscles are not properly working
Your foot does not face forward – Your ankle is twisting – make sure your toes are pointing straight ahead
Forward lean/excessive arch of the back – Make sure your back is straight

Go deeper in your lunge
Add resistance – hold hand weights
Walking lunge – lunge across your hallway
Jumping Lunge -Jump up and alternate legs

Doug Holt, the owner of Conditioning Specialists, and a personal trainer extraordinaire, supervised this exercise video clip. The tips and information are brought to you by a fitness professional. But, as always, please make sure to listen to your body. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please stop, and seek assistance from your doctor or other health professional.



  1. […] greatest way possible) The muscles that usually get sore from traditional exercises (like squats, lunges) weren’t sore, but my innermost hamstring muscles were sore. I’ve never even felt sore […]

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