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Santa Barbara Beachside Walk

I would have to say that one of the greatest thing about living in Santa Barbara is how absolutely stunning it is here. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much natural beauty. Growing up in Tokyo, I barely had a chance to see nature, let alone trees, or even the sky. So moving out here, where there are such glorious blue skies, sparkling blue ocean, and powerful mountains, is such a treat. It never fails to amaze me.

That’s why I try to take advantage of Santa Barbara’s natural beauty as much as I can. I definitely don’t take it for granted, because I know what it’s like to live in a concrete jungle.

I’m happy to share with you one of my latest discoveries! It’s quickly becoming one of my routine running/walking routes. It’s called the More Mesa, and it’s above the beach right off of Turnpike. Rumor has it, (and I HAVE witnessed this with my own eyes, too) that it’s a NUDE beach! ;P But up on the cliffs where you walk, people are clothed. Phew!

On Sunday, James and I took a spontaneous 2 hour walk through the Mesa. Check out some of the amazing views:

Stunning Mountains

Stunning Mountains

There is a path you can take to run right along the edge of the cliff, and there’s also a wider path a few feet away from the path. You might see some people riding horses on the wider path, especially on the weekends. So that means you DO have to watch your step on the wide path so you don’t accidentally step in horse droppings!

One of the best things about this route is the view of the ocean from up on the cliff. It’s a very blue, quiet, and calm part of the ocean, and the cliff makes a breathtaking backdrop. James sure enjoys it!

And here to your left, you can see the Pacific Ocean

And here to your left, you can see the Pacific Ocean

When I run along this mesa, the views, and the sheer expansiveness of the ocean really inspires me to keep going, to keep running. I like feeling so close to nature, like I’m at peace with it, like I’m one with it, like I’m going to run right into it. The sheer size of the ocean makes me feel so little, but makes me feel powerful at the same time, as if the waves are lending me their strength. I feel so lucky that I get to call this place home, and I enjoy every second of running and walking out here. It’s a completely different experience than running on pavement throughout the city. (And the sand is easier on your joints too! Added bonus 🙂 )

Maybe soon, I will come here to practice some outdoor yoga!


Let nature be your inspiration. Breathe.

Let nature be your inspiration. Breathe.



This mesa is a great place to come to catch the sunset too.

I cant believe I live here. Im so spoiled.

I can't believe I live here. I'm so spoiled.

James took this photo. He is quite the photographer! Isn’t it just absolutely beautiful? If this sight doesn’t make you turn off the TV and go for a walk, I don’t know what will!

To get to this mesa, Take Turnpike exit and get onto Hollister Ave. Turn into Puente Dr, drive up the hill and park. Walk up Mockingbird Lane till you come to a dead end – you will see a big field with a little fence-thing. Keep walking till you can see the ocean, and you can either turn left or right – your choice! You can make this run/walk as long or as short as you like. Just remember to enjoy the view!



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