Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 26, 2008

Friday/ Saturday Workout

Workout Summary:

45 min walk around Downtown Santa Barbara around noontime to run an errand for work. We walked from the Conditioning Studios to an elementary school right next to the Santa Barbara Mission for a project we are working on involving kids. I’m really excited about this… more on it in another post!

30 min run downtown towards the Cottage Hospital. I tried some of the running techniques I found. I noticed that I was landing too heavily on my heels, so I tried landing more on my mid-foot. This helped a lot; it made me more springy. But I wasn’t feeling it again. I was wondering why, and then I realized it was that time of month. ugh. oh well. Can’t fight that!

But a funny thing happened; Remember how, on my last run, a dog scared me from behind? Well, I scared a dog! I ran up behind this girl walking a dog, and just as I passed it, it literally JUMPED! He was so scared of me! haha, he was such a scaredy cat dog!

1 hour Core Yoga from Amazing. Works wonders on my abs and hamstrings.

Light resistance training for about 30 to 45 min (didn’t have a clock)

Slow sit ups on the BOSU ball (deceptively simple – BOSU ball sit ups hurt!!!)
Core balance on the BOSU ball (Stretching out right arm and left leg out, hold for 10 seconds, and switch)
Triceps kickbacks using a resistance tube (tie it to a pole at chest height, and pull back)
Resistance band pulls
Preacher curls (8lbs – anything heavier really hurts my wrist – don’t know what to do about this wrist situation)
Hip adductions
Side steps with resistance tube
Back extention on BOSU ball
Worked on my lats
Hip circles
Plank hold on BOSU ball
some core yoga moves

All in all, fairly light, but invigorating workout.


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