Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 27, 2008

Sunday Breakfast: Review of Coffee Cat and Northstar Coffee Company

Ahh Sunday morning. There is nothing better than  some sweet pastries and coffee to start off your day. James was HUNGRY and in the mood for a morning brew, so we headed out to out favorite Downtown Santa Barbara coffee joint; Coffee Cat, at the corner of Anapamu and Anacapa.

Screw Starbucks, Coffee Cat (and other independent, local joints) are so much better! You get individual, unique atmosphere, FREE internet (in MOST cases), YUMMIER drinks, and friendly people. Coffee Cat serves up fantastic coffee, and they have a punch card where if you buy 12 drinks, you get the next one free (two more till my free cup! 🙂 )

We ordered the Honey Hazelnut Coffee, and it was just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect pick me up! The nutty aroma, and the sweetness of the honey was a perfect combination. Not overpoweringly sugary, and not too bitter. Mmmm.They have great frozen blended drinks too. Go there! 🙂

We then headed to Northstar Coffee Company on State St. for some grub, because our favorite bakery, Our Daily Bread, was closed 😦 (They are not open on Sundays… boo hoo) It was my first time at this place, even though I have walked by it more times than I can count. We got bacon and egg croissant with fruit bowl, coffee, and a sweet glazed poppy seed pastry.

egg, Bacon, butter croissant and fruit

egg, Bacon, butter croissant and fruit

The pastry was insane! It was flaky, sweet, and not too big. I enjoyed it sitting on thier sidewalk patio. It was a very elegant and delicious pastry, and was surprisingly light. The croissant was also flaky and delicious. The mountain of scrambled egg and bacon melded incredibly with the buttery croissant. It was great till the very last bite. The fruit salad was eh… the grapes were kind of shrivelled and the melon was… not the ripest I’ve eaten, but it was a nice healthy addition to the otherwise not to healthy  meal.

Deliciously twisted

Deliciously twisted

I was really impressed by Northstar. I definitely want to come back to try out thier gelato and some of thier other pastries. I would definitely recommend Northstar next time you need a pick me up when shopping downtown!


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