Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 28, 2008

Lower Calorie HalloweenTtreats


Halloween is this Friday! Do you have a cool costume yet? (I don’t.. oops)

Our Halloween Jar

Our Halloween Jar

One fun part of Halloween is all the candy! It’s a kid’s dream come true. But since all those trick-or-treat candies can really stack up in terms of calories and fat, I compiled a list to get through this day without a calorie bomb.

Less caloric treats

Fun size’ servings of chocolates:
Hershey’s Reeses Sticks
Kit Kat (73 cal, 4g fat)
Mr. Goodbar
York Peppermint Patty
Reeses Pieces
Almond Joy (80 cal, 5g fat)
3 Musketeers (63 cal, 2 g fat)
Crunch (69 cal, 3 g fat)

Tootsie Rolls
Jelly Beans
Twizzlers Bites

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sources: This article, and this one.


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