Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 29, 2008

Cooking is fun!

I really look forward to my Global Vegetarian Cuisine class every week. It’s a lot of fun to make new and exotic veggie dishes and hang out with my new friends! (find recipes from my previous cooking classes HERE and HERE)

This week’s menu included:

Vegetarian Creole Jambalaya
Salad with red wine vinaigrette
Corn and tomato salad (called Maque Chou)
Bourbon Bread Pudding

The Jambalaya was very interesting because instead of meat, we used Soy Chorizo Sausage and Tempeh. I have never eaten Tempeh before, so was intrigued as to how to use it. It was steamed and marinated with garlic and this soy-sauce tasting liquid before getting added to the rice mix. It was tastey! I think I’m going to look for some tempeh this weekend and experiment with it. The Jambalaya was spicy, warm, and filled with healthy veggies. It took a lot of work, so I don’t think I’ll be making it myself anytime soon, but I sure enjoyed it! (I took some leftovers home cause I liked it so much!)

Steaming pot of rice

Steaming pot of rice

The corn and tomato salad was meh. It had no flavor other than that of corn, and it had WAYYYYYY too much parsley in it. Ick! It has potential though…. recipe needs some tweaking.

looks pretty...

looks pretty...

Obviously, the best part was the bourbon bread pudding! oh boy oh boy oh boy. MMMMMMMM :). Naturally, I worked at the bread pudding station. I’ve never made it before, so was keen on learning how to make it. My interest was further piqued by Buttermilk, and ingredient I had never worked with before. I took a little sip of it, and it tasted like drinkable yogurt. (I can’t wait to experiment with this one too!)

It was actually quite simple to make! And I personally made SURE to add ENOUGH brandy to the mix! The bourbon adds a very rich, elegant, sweet smell to the entire dish. The alcohol burns off in the oven, and just leaves this luxurious aroma. We changed the recipe A LOT from the original, so I will try my best to give you the recipe of what we made.

Smells absolutely fantastic

Smells absolutely fantastic

Bourbon Bread Pudding:
Serves about 8 to 10

Almost 1 loaf Buttermilk bread, torn into bite sized pieces. Should be 5-6 cups (don’t use end pieces, maybe leave 1 or 2 slices)
4 eggs, beaten
1 quart buttermilk, scalded
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup bourbon (I wanted to add more…. hee hee)
2 tsp vanilla extract

and as much dried fruits and nuts as you want including:
dried pineapple
dried apricots
shredded coconut
chopped pecans
slivered almonds


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Butter a baking dish.
2. Dice dried fruits, and nuts. Place in bowl with shredded coconut, pour the brandy over it, and let it marinade while you get the other things ready.
3. Tear bread into bite sized pieces and place in a big bowl. Soak in scalded milk for a few minutes, until bread is soggy and mushy.
4. Cream together sugar, butter, vanilla, and eggs, one at a time. Stir in fruit and bourbon mixture. Carefully mix it into the soaked bred. Pour into prepared baking dish.
5. Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes, and top with whipped cream!

We added brandy to the whipped cream too!

We added brandy to the whipped cream too!

The bread pudding smells sooooo good, like you’re walking by a bakery or something! I could not wait to dig into it, and it did not disappoint! The flavor of the brandy was there, and that added an ‘adult’ component to the comforting dessert. The bread was perfectly coated with the milk mixture, and had a great, smooth texture. The whipped cream melted onto the hot pudding, and was so good in my mouth! This dish made me smile. 🙂 I took a BIG chunk home so I can enjoy it later on. Ah! So good 🙂

I wonder what we are making next week?



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