Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | October 30, 2008

Yoga gives me strength

I did another AMAZING yoga class from last night. I’m really loving this website. It has so many great classes that I can do right in my own room, whenever I feel like!

I did a new class last night, called Power Vinyasa Flow #1 with instructor Dawnelle. This girl is amazing in her ability to put together some kick ass flows! This class had an impecable flow. She is very good at cuing you on your breath and your next movement, and puts together moves that flow nicely into each other.

This flow was smooth, but hard! I was dripping in sweat by the time the hour was over! My favorite sequence was when we went from downward dog into a crescent lunge and back bend and warrior pose, over and over again. That got my heart rate pumping, while toning my thighs and core! I also really liked how the hour was divided into a leg section, a core section, and a hips section. I enjoyed the core section because it hurt. I also loved how we had a headstand! (I can’t do them yet, but it was fun to try! 🙂 ) It also included one of my favorite fun poses; the bow pose!


I was familiar with many of the poses in the sequence, but was excited to learn new ones such as “airplane arms” and ‘reverse half moon.”

The class was well thought out, and worked muscles throughout my entire body. My quads are feeling it today! I love Power Yoga classes because they make me feel like I am getting stronger from the inside out. Yoga works those inner stabilizing muscles that are quite hard to target with more “traditional” gym exercises. The slow movement forces your body to balance and stabilize itself, forcing you to really use your core muscles. That’s how yoga can help you develop long and lean muscles.

So for all of you who think yoga can’t offer a heart pumping, strength training session, I dare you to take one of these classes. You’d be surprised to be sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had! And as for me, I’m gonna keep on doing yoga, so that one day, I may be able to do this….:


I can’t wait till my next yoga class. 🙂

*I got these images in the post from, which is another great yoga resource that has videos for Pilates and Meditation as well. I suggest you check it out for more great info on the benefits that yoga can give your body.*

Question: What are your favorite yoga moments?



  1. You can try baron baptiste as well as he does vinyasa flow and it really gets the heart rate up.

    I missed my regular sunday yoga class last week so went for a power yoga class this tuesday to make up for it. Wow, I definitely felt it and my chest muscles were aching the next day due to all the chaturangas.

    I still cannot do headstand. So frustrating. Still working on crow pose. I can balance for a few seconds and that’s it.

    What I like about yoga is that it reminds me to breathe through difficult moments in life. At times I forget to breathe when holding a pose for so long and my legs are burning, I forget to breathe. Yoga teachers always reminds the class to breathe and that is important.

    So when I’m having a tough moment at work or having a bad run, I tell myself to breathe and it really works. Maybe it’s psychological. heehee. .

  2. Definitely going to try Baron Baptise! So excited! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Hello Julia,

    I am from My Yoga Online and I am surprised to see that you are reviewing but are using photos from My Yoga Online. We would appreciate a mention of our site and an active link to our home page when our images are used.



  4. Dear Rosalee,
    Thank you for pointing that out. I updated the post to include a mention and active link to your wonderful website. I just love yoga so much right now, and I would hate to spread bad karma 😦 I hope this resolves the issue.

  5. Thanks Julia! No bad karma spread! I am so happy to read about your passion for yoga. Keep up the good work!


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