Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 1, 2008

Halloween Revelries

Last night was a fun Halloween night! It was my first Halloween in SB OUTSIDE of Isla Vista, the infamous UCSB college town where party goers from throughout California gather to roam the streets and basically wreak HAVOC. The police come out in FULL FORCE, even on Horseback, and set up floodlights throughout the 1-square-mile town. Needless to say, I was glad to have a more ‘adult’ Halloween this year!


Last years costume, the plug and socket

Last year's costume, the plug and socket

There is too much pressure in Isla Vista to be half naked, but not this year! James and I were the WITCH DOCTORS!


Dont we look scary?

Don't we look scary?

OMG the scrubs are SO COMFY! It also makes me want to change professions! haha. Do you think it would be alright to do personal training in scrubs? 🙂 

Elizabeth, one of the trainers at Conditioning Specialists threw a party at the Alcazar Tapas Bar on the Mesa, so we started the night going there. 

We saw Jesse (another trainer at CS) and his friends in this super funny costume




It says ‘God’s Gift to Women’, and on the back it says ‘You’re Welcome’. Haha! I thought is was so funny and clever, and it was a costume I had never seen before. It cracked me up. Then I saw Macie, another trainer, dressed up as a ghost




It was adorable how she had the pink bow and her boyfriend had the tie.

The food and drinks at Alcazar were AMAZING. I had the coconut mojito, which had just the right amount of coconut sweetness to balance the minty freshness.


a bewitched coconut mojito

a bewitched coconut mojito

James and his buddy Luke also ordered dinner. James got the Paella De Pollo,


Paella de pollo

Paella de pollo

It was not at all how I expected a paella to be, but boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised! It was very delicately seasoned, and had just the right amount of olive oil to make it rich and filling. It had pieces of chicken in it, as well as sauteed mushrooms. I think the mushrooms were my favorite part! It had the best spicy flavor, and it was meaty, and held onto the tequila chipotle sauce very well. As the rice soaked up the sauce, it became this flavorful, delightful, herby mouthful of yumminess. I couldn’t keep myself from picking at his plate! so good!

Luke had the Chicken en Mole


chicken en mole

chicken en mole

It was…. ok. I’ve had better mole before. The sauce was thick and not very subtle. And I think the plate overall lacks in the ‘prettiness’ factor as well as the ‘portion size’ factor. It just didn’t strike me as anything worth getting at a restaurant. And let’s just say I don’t think they make their own mole sauce. (You walk through the kitchen to go to the bathroom, and there were cans of Mole sauce….)

But the appetizers and drinks were good, so it’s probably a place I would like to go back to, to try some of the other stuff.

We spent the rest of the night walking around State Street, where James and Luke bumped into an old friend, and we went to Chilango’s for some more drinks and to people watch. There were some fools and ghouls walking around!

We got home, and I was able to have a safe and fun Halloween.

Question: What were YOU for Halloween this year? What was your favorite costume you saw?

I leave you with this adorable photo of James and our house dog Rocko


awwwww.... buddies

awwwww.... buddies

Rocko has such gentle eyes



  1. Great blog! I got to yours through KERF, and I have to say, your costume last year made me snort water through my nose!!!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog, marafaye! Haha, yeah, the costume last year was a fun one, but it was chilly! This year’s was nice and cuddly 🙂 hope you had a fun Halloween!

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