Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 1, 2008

Weird skies over Santa Barbara

It’s raining here in Santa  Barbara for the second time since like…. May? March? Anyway, I can’t even remember because we are so spoiled with gorgeous weather all the time. I’m not complaining, it’s good motivation to STUDY for my personal training exam which is in TWO WEEKS! Yikes!

Look at what the sky looked like the morning before the rains came:


Looks like a painting

Looks like a painting

It’s kind of hard to see in the photo, but the sky looked so textured, thick, and luxurious, as if the clouds were forming all sorts of drapery patterns across the sky. I thought it looked like some sort of Impresssionist painting had exploded over Santa Barbara.

Onto food; I’m going to review Country Catering, a meat deli in Goleta on Calle Real. I met James there for lunch the other day.

Now, ladies, this is a meat market. Most of the customers are male. That should tell you something about the food. It’s MEATY, BIG, HEARTY, HEAVY, and did I mention MEATY?

That doesn’t stop it from tasting delicious though. James and I split the BBQ PORK sammie on a French Roll with a fresh fruit salad. Even when we shared, look at how big the portions were!


BIG sammies!

BIG sammies!

The BBQ pork was tender and juicy, but the sauce was a little too sweet for me. I like BBQ sauces to be a bit more tangy. The sweetness is the main word that comes to mind when recalling this sammie. It was good, with grilled onions and cheese on top. The French Roll was expertly toasted to crunchy, yet still soft and chewy perfection. It was a great harmony with the sweet pork slices. The sammie was TOO HEARTY and MANLY for me to finish, but I ate all the pork slices! 🙂 I guess the only thing I would change about the meal would be the sauce. The fruit salad was kind of whimpy, with some fairly unripe watermelon and honeydew pieces. Can’t complain, at least they were healthy! 


close up of this sammie

close up of this sammie

We had Kettle chips on the side…. I swear they do something to these chips because they are so darned addictive! Can’t EVER stop eating them! 🙂

I would recommend this deli if you are a)starving b)carnivorous (they do have salads too though) c)a Manly Man! haha. James was able to finish!

The Country Catering also sells cuts of meat if you ever are looking for fresh meat.

Question: What’s your favorite sammie meat? 


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