Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 3, 2008

Scary SCARY News


Santa Barbara is *NOW* (right this second) on national news, but NOT for the right reasons.

My beautiful little town is threatened by a gunman.

An entire stretch of the southbound 101 freeway has been shut down because there is a gunman who was shooting down onto the Freeway from La Cumbre overpass.

Macie, my coworker, has been stuck in her car on the 101 for over two and a half hours now. SHE JUST GOT HERE SAFE. Thank goodness.

There is a gunman, dressed in camo, shouting things against Obama, apparently. Police, SWAT, news teams, everyone had been called out. No one has been hurt yet (Thank goodness!) but this is really really really scary to me. I thought I lived in a relatively safe place…. my bubble has been burst 😦

Please be safe everyone!!!!


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