Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 3, 2008

Surrounded by loved ones

Awww man! I had SUCH A GOOD SUNDAY! It was the kind of day you feel so loved, happy, blessed, grateful, and warm and fuzzy all over like a huge big teddy bear.

I don’t know why exactly I was in such a good mood, but I was. Maybe because I was surrounded by people who made me happy, and those people were happy too. 🙂 They say the best things in life are free, and they really are. Good friends and good company are treasures that we are blessed with, and something to be cherished. I’m smiling just thinking about it. 🙂

Another thing I was so happy about is my little blog. I’m having such a blast writing about the things I love, and sharing it to everyone. I get SOOOOO happy every time someone leaves me a comment. It really makes my day, that someone out there is reading this, and enjoying this! So thanks to all of you who have visited and/or commented!

Sunday was nice and bright, though windy, so James and I decided to stroll down to Stern’s Wharf in downtown Santa Barbara, to show off the beautiful beach to Luke. Which is kind of funny, because it’s not like he’s never seen the beach! He also lives in CA, and he was born and raised in HAWAI’I, the land of beautiful beaches! I can’t remember what the exact line of reasoning was, but we decided that Luke needed to see the wharf. haha. We also met up with Wada, one of James and Luke’s friends we randomly bumped into on Friday.

dolphin statues in front of Sterns Wharf

dolphin statues in front of Stern's Wharf

I’m squinting so hard (it was super bright out) you can’t even see my eyes. How glamorous.

We walked down the pier, which is lined with seafood restaurants, and your typical tourist shops that sell Santa Barbara and ocean themed trinkets.

View from the pier:

You can’t see my yacht because I parked it in the other yacht lot on the other side of town. AHHH! Gotcha! Totally just kidding! I WISH I OWNED A YACHT! How bad ass would that be? 😉

We ate lunch on the pier, at a place called the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. I’ve heard GREAT things about this place, and RACHAEL RAY even went there on her Santa Barbara segment of her $40 a Day show! I was STOKED to finally have a chance to go eat there!
The Shellfish Company has tanks and tanks full of fresh local crab and lobster that they pull for you when you order your meal.

are they saying eat me! eat me! or help me!?

are they saying 'eat me! eat me!' or 'help me!'?

James and I shared the Lobster Tacos. How great is that? Doesn’t that sound so luxurious?

lobster tacos

lobster tacos

Dude. It was good. There were actually CHUNKS of lobster in it. They did NOT skimp. Love that. (I hate it when restaurants are stingy on the meat) It had this AMAZING creamy salsa/ranch(?) sauce, that melded all the flavors together wonderfully. The lobster meat was abundant, and tasted very fresh. The lobster, along with the sauce, cabbage, grilled onions, and tomatoes were wrapped up in a delicious corn tortilla (I don’t like corn tortillas, but this one was an exception!). It definitely DID taste like tacos, but the herb flavors were subtle, so that the taste of fresh seafood was able to really shine through. Squeezing lemon and lime juice onto it made it taste THAT much better as well.

A close up;

I also tried their fried calamari which was delicious, and I loved how they gave us HUGE chunks of bread for the table. Mmmmm. The restaurant has lots of fishing memorabilia, and it was a really fun atmosphere. And I’m sure that as far as tacos go, a plate of lobster tacos must be one of the healthiest! It was filled with veggies, and seafood is good for you. And lobster is so fancy, it makes you feel like a celebrity eating it! haha 🙂 I love foods that make me happy.

although I’m not too sure how happy these guys were;

The Shellfish Company definitely ranks NUMERO UNO on my list of top seafood places in SB!

Later on, I got to meet with Rachel again, who just moved back into town. I am BEYOND elated she is back! She is one of the FIRST friends I made in college, and one of my closest friends! She is one of the main reasons I was SO HAPPY on Sunday.

Rachel and I are going to be stuck in town on Thanksgiving (neither of us can go home this year, because she has work, and because my family is in JAPAN) We decided that together, WE WILL COOK OUR FIRST THANKSGIVING DINNER! We both love cooking, so this is going to be so much fun. But we need to start looking for recipes asap. Rachel’s goal is to make a stuffing that will top her family’s traditional recipe. I can’t wait to tackle this meal! And for all of you who DO get to go home for Thanksgiving, you are truly lucky, and please remember to tell all your loved ones how special they are to you. 🙂

So I have a question to all my readers: Do you have a BOMD DIGGITY Thanksgiving recipe Rachel and I can make this Thanksgiving?



  1. Great pictures! That would be pretty bad ass if you owned a yacht!

    So, everything at my house is fatty central on Thanksgiving, but I made this great soup last year and I think I’ll make it again this year.

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for the recipe idea – roasted squash and apple is a combo I’ve never heard of before – sounds like it would be a great starter! I’m sooooo excited for my very first Thanksgiving 🙂

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