Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 6, 2008

Yoga=great. Tempeh=….eh

Brr! I can tell it’s getting wintery here on the central coast, because when I turn on the faucet to wash my face, the water is ICY! Personally, I HATE really cold water. It makes me very sad. I can ONLY wash my face with hot water. I’ve told you before I’m “off,” right? haha.

Last night was another great yoga sess. As ususal, I did the 60 min Power Abs Yoga with Dawnelle on This is such a great class for my core. But another side benefit is that it targets my hamstrings and quads in ways I never knew was psossible! I’m all sorts of sore today! 🙂 (I actually don’t mind the sore feeling…. gosh, I’m sounding more and more off…)

After yoga, I decided to attempt cooking with TEMPEH. I tried it for the first time a couple weeks back in my cooking class, and really liked it. I found some at Lazy Acres, and so decided to give it a shot.

tempeh attempt (note the alliteration)

tempeh attempt (note the alliteration)

What tempeh looks like

What tempeh looks like

I steamed it, and let it marinade in some soy sauce and garlic, like we did in class.

Only, it tasted nothing like we made in class! I think this was due to the fact that
a) I used regular soy sauce (instead of Liquid Aminos, or Reduced Sodium soy sauce)
b) I used garlic from a jar (instead of fresh garlic)

This just tasted really salty. It was good on top of plain rice, but I was really disappointed :(. Determined to redeem myself, I used the other half of my tempeh block, and stir fried it this time with sesame oil and a bit of garlic. This turned out MUCH better, but still it was very lackluster. The flavor of the tempeh was able to shine through…. but still, it’s taste was nothing to write home about. But I don’t want to give up just yet!!! I really like the taste, so I must find a good way to cook it! Please help me….

Question: How on EARTH are you supposed to cook with Tempeh so it tastes “Wow!” instead of “…eh”???

Info on tempeh:

It is low fat and high in proteins. It is made from cooked and slightly fermented soybeans, so it is easier to digest for many people. Tempeh originated in Indonesia. In about 3 oz of tempeh, there are:
199 calories
19 g protein (more than tofu)
5 g fiber
7.7 g fat
93mg Calcium
2.3 mg Iron

Click here for more

It’s a great food…. just I don’t know how to make it impressive…. I really would appreciate your help and advice on how to make improvements. Thanks



  1. LOVE YOGA! HATE TEMPEH! I never thought I’d *meet* another… UNITE WE SHALL! 🙂

  2. Yea, I’m so-so about the tempeh too. It’s sort of weird.

  3. Julz –
    I will think of you the next time I do some yoga 🙂

    Tina –
    Thanks for stopping by! I guess tempeh is weird…. the ARE fermented beans after all! haha. Hopefully there is a way to make them not so-so, but oh-wow!

  4. Hi Julia! I sometimes love, sometimes hate tempeh. Here is a link to my blog for a time when I made it and loved it. I think grilling thin pieces is the key.

  5. HangryPantss –
    woah! Maple Grilled Tempeh! Am most definitely going to try that out! I’m also going to remember to slice tempeh in half horizontally. Thanks so much for the tip 🙂

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