Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 9, 2008

A Day for Myself

Have you had one of those lately? 

I really value ‘me’ time. It’s a time where I can reflect, think, and do stuff for myself I don’t usually have time to do, like paint my nails, dance around in my room, and ponder important questions like what color eye shadow to buy what is the meaning of the universe. For one reason or another, I haven’t had a day like this for months! But today, James went on a kite boarding trip to Pismo Beach, and my friends were busy, so I had a day ALL TO MYSELF! 

I spent the morning at Goleta Coffee Company, studying my tush off for the personal training exam. I reviewed all the chapters and vocabulary words, and took a mock exam (which I passed!.) I was nearing the end of my patience though by the end. I studied for about 2.5 hours. I can concentrate REALLY well, but I have a SHORT attention span. I can’t study for more than two hours at a time usually. I’ve done 4 hrs in college once…. ick!

But I am FINALLY going to do a review of this place. I come here often, but never with a camera. So here goes!

I decided to have a CHOCOHOLIC, decadently INDULGENT start to my day with a chocolate cream cheese muffin and a white chocolate mocha.


Hello, my name is Julia and I'm a chocoholic

Hello, my name is Julia and I am a Chocoholic

 Hey, I needed all that glucose to study, OK? Haha 😉

Goleta Coffee has the BEST white chocolate mocha in all of Santa Barbara, hands down. I would say it tastes about, oh I don’t know, 5,567 times better than Starbucks. The coffee is milky and creamy. It doesn’t have any sort of bitter aftertaste at all (which is GREAT for novice coffee drinkers like me), and has a smooth chocolate taste. It’s very sweet! It has a kind of comforting taste…. if you know what I mean. It tasted really great as an iced drink, too. 

The chocolate cream cheese muffin is glorious. It’s dense, cheesy, and chocolatey. They are NOT skimpy on the cream cheese, or the rich chocolate flavor. It is not for the faint of heart, as it is sweet and very decadent. It’s a fairly decent size; (it doesn’t look big in the photo because I nibbled off all the outer edges before I photographed it) I usually split this with James, but today I enjoyed it all for myself. 

They have sammies here too. The portions are big, and are made fresh to order. They actually do all the chopping and slicing on site, so it usually smells good throughout the entire store. I have never tired their smoothies, but I assume they are also delicious!

Another great thing about this place is the free internet (another reason I hate going to Starbucks – they make you pay for internet) and the good music, and friendly servers. Fun atmosphere and comfy seats, too.  

The interior

The interior

After all the studying, I felt antsy, so I went running on the More Mesa. I was feeling a little tired, but decided a little sun would do me good. I went with the mind set that I didn’t have to run fast or far. I just simply told myself to just enjoy the sun and fresh air.  

I think that mantra is a winner! When I don’t feel internal pressure to run a certain distance or a certain pace, my mind feels more relaxed. I think that in turn, this allows my body to relax. THIS in turn makes my run feel more natural, more instinctive, more ENJOYABLE. I thought I was just gonna do a short run, but I felt SO GOOD out in the sun I just kept on going! I even did some calisthenic exercises!

I ran for a while, then did:
10 squats, 20 squat pulses (two sets)
20 sumo squats with curtsey squats
20 Plank twists (two sets)
20 mountain climbers (two sets)
10 side crunches (10 on each side)
Yoga inspired ‘airplane’ moves 
Hip circles

Then finished the trail and did
10 squats with 20 squat pulses (two sets)
20 side crunches (20 on each side)
Single leg deadlifts (10 on each side)
10 Ballerina squats, 20 Ballerina squat pulses
10 forward lunges, 10 lunge pulses (one set on each leg)
20 jumping Ballerina squats

It felt great! I am honestly convinced that 95% of your workout is mental. Because I let my mind just relax, and view running as a form of entertainment rather than a “must-do,” I was able to have so much fun doing it. I think part of the reason why it’s so hard for people to exercise sometimes (myself included), is because we think that we NEED to exercise. In that mindset, exercise becomes a CHORE. When something is regarded as a CHORE, it looses all it’s inherent ‘funness’, and becomes a drag and simply unenjoyable. Although sometimes I DO need to convince my brain it HAS TO WORK OUT, I’m gonna try to view it as entertainment from now on. (This shouldn’t be hard, considering I LOOOOOVE being active!)

After the run, I took some time to stretch, took a shower, picked up some groceries at TJ’s, and watched some TV.

I think I’m even gonna clean my room tonight! When I lived with a roomie, I tried very hard to keep my room *relatively* neat for the roomie’s sake. But now that I have my OWN room again (yippeeee!) I haven’t been too good about keeping it organized. I’m one of those people who will put off cleaning the room until it looks like an earthquake hit it. I call it ‘organized clutter.’ I know where EVERYTHING is. I know that my left shoe is hidden under that pile, and my right shoe is under the desk. haha. Now, I DO make a VERY CLEAR distinction between messy and dirty. Messy I’m OK with. NOT OK with dirty. That would bother me when I try to drift off into sleep at night, lol 😉 

Be honest with me: What state is YOUR room in right now? haha

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone! 🙂






  1. There’s a HUGE difference between messy and dirty- messy you still know where everything is, no matter how it may ‘look’; dirty is when it’s just unbearable and you’re lost and dusty, haha. Honestly it was the wrong way to ask me how my room is because I cleaned this morning! Sorry 😉

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. “Me time” = AMAZING. I wish I could have more of it, but my lifestyle is MUCH too “on-the-go-non-stop,” haha 😀

    My room?? Super clean. I’m a clean creak/perfectionist 😉

  3. My room has 2nd grade teaching materials all over it!

    Yes, running mental twin, exercise is mental… and a form of entertainment.

    That cafe looks like such a great place to hang. The coffee sounds wonderful as I love milky coffee and hate Starbucks coffee (only like their “special” drinks).

    Yay for a “me” day!


  4. P.S. the Jam Frakas bars were from another blogger’s contest. I’ve never seen them in a store near me.

  5. Cute coffee shop! Your exam is soon, huh!? Good luck!

  6. Wow, looks like I really need to jump onto the ‘keeping your room clean’ bandwagon! haha

  7. I’m catching up on blogs at the moment hence the late response. lol

    Gosh, your chocolate muffin looks amazing! And I adore cream cheese. You must have experienced a sugar high after your breakfast. 😛

    That looks like a really intensive workout. Good for you. * thumbs up*

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