Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 11, 2008

No more cookies for Julia. At least until snack time

Note to self: Do not place a whole box of Famos Amos cookies on your desk.

Note to self #2: Do not keep reaching into box of Famos Amos cookies on your desk.

Note to self #3: Julia! Do not eat the entire contents of box of Famos Amos cookies!

So that basically sums up my morning. 🙂

Why am I saying this, you may wonder. I’ve never cared too much about polishing off massive quantities of chocolates before, until I read this little article in a magazine called Nutrition Action Health Letter. I always assumed I was active enough just putsing around all day, but for the first time, I found out I could be wrong! It’s a chart that describes how many minutes/hours of a physical activity you would need to do to burn off the calories of desserts.

Confession: I don’t know how to count calories.

So to many my very knowledgeable readers, this may be kind of “duh.” But I’ve never thought of desserts this way, so it was very eye-opening.

2 chocolate truffles = 200 calories

2 chocolate truffles = 200 calories

This will take about half an hour of moderate intensity bike riding to burn off.

Big Cafe-sized muffin = 450 calories

Big Cafe-sized muffin = 450 calories

This will take about 40 minutes of fast jump roping to burn off

Cafe/Bakery sized chocolate chip cookie = 400 calories

Cafe/Bakery sized chocolate chip cookie = 400 calories

This will take about an hour of walking at 4.5mph

1 tbsp of olive oil = 120 calories

1 tbsp of olive oil = 120 calories

This will take about 40 minutes of mopping the floor

Sorry if this is totally obvious, but I had never put the two and two together. Talk about a sticker shock! And I never eat only two chocolate truffles or 1 cookie! It did make me think twice about those Famos Amos cookies. (clearly, I need to think more than twice before polishing if off though… haha)

Oh ps – I changed the activities to things I would do, and calculated it using’s activity calculator by adjusting the numbers to my body size.

Well anyhoooo.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day today. I’m working today, but not complaining 🙂 I woke up feeling sick today though. My nose is stuffed up, my throat is sore, and I’m outta control thirsty. Usually when I get sick, I don’t like taking medications unless it’s the last resort. I like to cure things more naturally. I think I am going to drink some OJ and some Green Tea (though not at the same time.) I find that this usually does the trick for me, so hope it works this time too! It’s almost lunch…. yay. I’m excited because I have a big bowl of the Moroccan stew I made last night at my cooking class waiting for me! (We can take leftovers home with us 😉 ) I bet that would make me feel better too. (keeping fingers crossed…!)

Thank you to everyone who reads and leaves comments for me on my blog. I truly enjoy getting to know you all more and more, and it really makes my day when someone takes the time to say HI 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Morrocan stew should help! I can’t imagine green tea and OJ at the same time- yuck, haha. My go-to natural cure is Ginger tea- works every time 😉

    Really interesting correlation between length of activities and burning off food. Though I do know how to count calories, I don’t really know how many calories activities burn! Haha, so we’re both a little behind on the times I guess. You adjusted according to ‘body size?’ What is your specific body size? I’ll have to go to that site and plug in mine later (once I find a good spot to take a procrastination break, that is! Haha)

    Have a great tuesday, I think I need a walk for some vitamin D!

  2. Sounds like you’re getting the flu. I’m not sure whether there is a correlation to this but perhaps the cookies made you sick.

    I always get a sorethroat after eating famous amos cookies so haven’t eaten it in years. It used to happen all the time. It could be because I have a ‘heaty’ body. The chinese believe in yin and yang and people get sick when it’s out of whack. I have a very ‘yang’ constitution so tend to get sore throats when I eat too many foods considered ‘heaty’.

    Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) believes that we get sorethroats when our immune systems are down so try loading up on vit C.

    I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  3. Jess – hmm ginger tea. What does that taste like? Can you get that at regular grocery stores? Oh and by body size I meant weight. The calculator asks you to input weight to calculate calories burned. Haha, I think it’s funny you take breaks to procrastinate. I procrastinate too much to take breaks… lol

    Alicia –
    That’s a really interesting concept about yin and yang. I actually do believe I’m getting sick because I’ve been eating too many empty calorie foods (ie chocolate muffin and white chocolate mocha combo)
    I will definitely be chugging some OJ tonight to load up Vit C. Thanks for the great insight!

  4. Haha, no worries!! Enjoy those cookies 🙂 And PLEASE get well soon!!!

  5. Ginger tea tastes a little… ummm… zesty? Haha.

    You should just be able to pick it up at any store- I have the yogi brand which is awesome (I’m down to one teabag 😦 hope I don’t get sick!)

  6. The one that always got me was that ONE M&M takes walking the length of a football field to burn off. As a band geek, I totally appreciated that one!

  7. Hi, thanks for the comment! That’s too funny about the Famous Amos cookies. My mom loves those. 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. That is most definitely Not my gym- I’m not that classy. Right now I generally work out at home although I do have access to the school gym (and actually work there checking I.D.s so I go when I can); however, I’m not a Huge indoor gym fan. I like bodyweight workouts when I can and would by far prefer to walk/run/bike outside- but once the weather cools looks like i’ll have no choice. How did you start liking the whole “gym” thing. I don’t know, I still have some weird stigma associated with it I guess. I feel that a lot of people who go to the school gym do it to pose or hit on other people, haha.

    I got my Certification from AFPA. I feel like it was really thorough and interesting- bought if as my birthday present to myself, haha! It lasts for two years and then you’re able to take refresher courses to renew it. Definitely worth looking into 😉 How did you become a personal trainer?

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