Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 12, 2008


Humpday is here! Only two more days till the weekend! AND the new season of TOP CHEF starts tonight on Bravo at 10 pm! Now, I don’t really follow TV shows, and reality shows, but this one is too drool-worthy to miss 🙂 I can’t wait to see what sorts of creative  concoctions they are going to come up with!

I’m not gonna have a long and informative post for you today. I feel ill. Sneezing, stuffed nose, sore throat, aches and pains, throbbing head… just to name a few. So no work out or exciting recipes. I’m just gonna have some yogurt and bananas and HOT SOUP and other comfort foods. I’m just gonna snuggle in bed and watch Top Chef!

I hope everyone has a super fabulous day! Please stay healthy 🙂

I’m gonna leave you with a funny clip…. if you’re under the weather like me, it’ll cheer you right up! (I liked the one with the two poodles)

Ooh! And one last thing. Go here to Grounded Fitness, where Kelly is giving away yoga pose-shaped cookies! They are so adorable!



  1. YAY for Top Chef!!! I’m so freaking excited!

  2. Your night sounds nice and relaxing- jealous! However, I’m not jealous about the sickness… Feel better!! How do your workouts change when you’re sick? Do you hold off completely, do what you feel up to, depends on symptoms…?

    Sorry for 21 questions, thought you might like to be kept busy while you sneezle 😉


    I’m beyond obsessed with ‘Top Chef,’ so of COURSE I’ll be tuning in as well! 🙂

  4. believe it or not, i’ve never seen Top Chef, but there were some Chicago contestants who won and were giving a demo at our farmers’ market!
    There’s also a new contestant from Chicago called Radhika Desai. Is she on the show now too?
    I’m sorry you feel bad. Get well soon!

  5. Lemon Ginger Tea! FEEL BETTER- I’d send you some if I could 😉 But you’re Going to be better by the time it would get there anyway (the power of positive thinking, eh?)


  6. i hope you feel better soon! i’ve been sneezing like a maniac too :/

  7. Thank you SOOOOOO much for all the “get better” wishes! It really brightened my mood! I appreciate all the love I feel from the blog community. This is amazing! Bless your hearts! 🙂

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