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Regaining energy

Wow. I can’t believe how many people have wished me to get better! I can’t say how muh your words cheered me up last night when I was blowing my nose and feeling a little woozy last night! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your kind words, because it worked! I feel a lot better this morning. Still sniffling, but much more rejuvenated. It makes me very happy that I can be a part of this great online blogging community. Rock on! 🙂

Who watched TOP CHEF last night? It looks like it will be a very interesting season with lots of great food! Last night’s episode was very promising, but was anyone else SAD to see PATRICK get kicked off the show already? I was totally rooting for him! And I really wanted to eat EUGENE‘S lamb chops! drool….. And Padma is so friggin pretty….!!!

I unfortunately don’t have any exciting news on the food front, as all I could eat last night was soup and yogurt! But I DID try a new flavor of yogurt: Pumpkin Spice! It’s a limited time seasonal flavor. I love trying seasonal flavors. They are usually so much more fun than the regualr flavors!

just like pie

just like pie

It was actually very tastey! I had it as a part of my brekkie, but I think it’s good enough to be dessert! yum

And since I don’t really have any cool food photos, I think I will like to take this time to babble on about my exercise philosophy (preferences?). I realized I had never written about this, and seeing how I’m about to go get certified as a personal trainer (this Sunday!!), I think this might be a good time.

I’ve always been active. Instead of playing with dolls and stuff when I was younger, I would be outside playing tag, rollerblading, playing in the park, etc. I took pride in the fact that I was as strong as/stronger than the boys in elementary school. I always felt like I wanted to kick their butts! haha. I was never an athlete though. (I dabbled in middle school sports) I was a ballerina.

I did ballet for 12 years until freshman year of high school. That kept me super active. After I quit, I kept active by walking everywhere (seriously, I did a ton of walking in Tokyo!!) and by going to the gym. I wasn’t a hardcore gym rat or anything, maybe once a week, once every two weeks, something like that. And then I moved to Santa Barbara to go to college. Freshman year was…. insane. Haha, lets just leave it at that, but I DID have a habit of going on walks (thank goodness)

me freshman year. I wish our workout clothes still looked this cool! haha

me freshman year. I wish our workout clothes still looked this cool! haha

Sophomore year, I discovered running! I had never intentionally gone running before, but I discovered how fun, enpowering, relaxing, rejuvenating, cathartic, and amazing it could be. Especially since I got to run by the Beautiful Pacific ocean everyday! At first, I could barely run for ten minutes, but within a week or two, I was running 30-45 minutes every other day. I was hooked! Running got me into doing other exercises too. But it was so gorgeous outside that I didn’t want to be stuck inside a gym. So I found a nice, outdoors, quiet, hidden area in my run where I would stop and do 20-30 minutes of calisthenic exercises. I would do lunges, squats, push up, plank twists, triceps dips… you get the picture. It really worked! I had muscle definition, I had endurance, and I was happy from all the time I got to spend outside. (plus I got to see all the cute surfers who would be up early to catch some morning waves) It was so nice to be outside, and not have to wait in line to use some piece of equipment. Ever since, I have been running, and doing a lot of body weight exercises. Of course, I do to to the gym to lift weghts sometimes, but I try to get the bulk of my exercises outdoors, by walking, or hiking, or running, or jumproping in my driveway. I also discovered yoga, which came naturally to me, given my dancing background. I love the slow, controlled movements that strenthen and lengthen me. I love how calm it makes me feel. I like to complement my intense workouts with yoga.

My workout preference: I want to work out, and I want to work out HARD. I want to be grimacing in pain, and sweating buckets. (ok, maybe not GRIMACING,but I do want it to hurt a little! 🙂 ) I like bootcamp inspired, circuit style workouts. I like my heart to be racing and my muscles to be vibrating. Even with yoga, I like the power yoga classes that challenge my cardiovascular system as well as my muscles. I know this preference doesn’t match other people’s preferences, but this is just how I like to work out. I want to make every second count. My adrenaline is out the roof! ah, feels great! 🙂 I probably workout 4 times a week.

BUT, I do listen to my body. When it’s feeling tired or out of whack, I don’t force myself to do anything. Like last night when I was feeling sick, I knew it would be more beneficial to just sleep and nap, than trying to squeeze in a workout. I think it’s very important to listen to cues from your body and take enough time to recover and replenish your energy.

I would say that my exercise philosophy is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or a pricy gym membership to get in shape and stay in shape. I sure haven’t spent much time inside a gym! You can get a lot of benefits from body weight exercises. You can get and stay in shape for hardly any money at all! Now I work out at home to some DVDs and just a pair of handweights. I have been able to stay in shape without the gym. Yes, as a personal trainer I will be in the gym using machines. But I hope to stress the fact that people can stay in shape even on days when they can’t be in the gym. Half an hour of sit ups and push ups as you watch TV can be enough to keep you feeling strong and on track. I hope to create routines for people they can do at home or outside without any equipment. I love how strong I feel knowing what my body is capable of doing. I hope to convey this feeling to the poeple I work with. I want to share that exercise and physical activity can be so empowering, and can feel so good! But most of all, it can be made easy and fun, and done from the comfort of your own room. I know that not everyone wants to be in a “gym” or “health club.” I hope to design programs that are challenging and effective, yet requires no fancy equipment. Maybe a pair of hand weights and a resistance tube.

I know this is long and boring, but it was fun to write. I’m always on the lookout for fun new ways to be active under the sun. I recently went Stand Up Paddle Surfing, and it was great! I love hiking, going on walks, forcing James to do yoga with me, and just treating my mind and body right!

stand up paddle surfing

stand up paddle surfing

I probably need to go back and edit this post later on, I’m sure I just totally babbled on. But I hope I was able to convey some of my philosophy!
Happy Thursday, all! 🙂 much love!



  1. HOORAY FOR FEELING BETTER!!!! Keep it up!!

    Fun photos!!

    I’m the same with my workouts – feel the burn! 😀

  2. I love your exercise philosophy- not boring at all! In fact, we have a very similar one (except I’m not as much of a runner because, after years of soccer, my knees get twingy… suggestions?) I do loong walks and Love bootcamps!

    I’ve tried that yogurt flavor- they also make a caramel apple and gingerbread. I’m not huge on holidays in general (long family story) so I really rely on seasonal goodies and decorations/music to get me in the spirit.

    SO glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Veggie Girl –
    good to know there are others out there who appreciate the BURN! 🙂 Thanks for the get well wishes

    Jess –
    I’m not too sure what you mean by your knees get twingy? I noticed that my knees hurt a lot less after getting new sneakers with better cushioning. I also have a friend who uses a knee brace. You should ask a health professional about that one, I’m not qualified to help you in that (yet)
    I think I am gonna go on a major hunt this weekend to find the caramel apple and gingerbread flavors!
    I’m not huge on holidays either in general, but I love the holiday flavors! 🙂

  4. Yay for feeling better!

    I would like to bottle some of your workout energy and take it on a regular basis! I HATE working out. Sometimes I can fool myself into working out by doing some heavy cleaning or some Wii fit, but actual WORKING OUT? no thank you…

  5. Hi! Glad to find eachother!
    Anywho, as for the tempeh… I marinated it overnight (or a few hours) in Whole Foods BBQ mixed with some orange juice, then grilled it about 4mins each side on a stove top grill pan. You can also bake it in the oven at 400 for about 30 minutes , flipping and basting 1/2 way through – I hope that helps, tempehs so good! You could also crumble it up to add in soup/sauce as well if you don’t want to bother with the prep 🙂


  6. Glad that you’re feeling better, Julia. 🙂

    We have similar workout philosophies. When I work out, it has to be sweat inducing and gets my heart rate pumping.

    Hence I also favour vinyasa, ashtanga and power style yoga. In the gym, I would do circuit training with weights and intervals.

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