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Big Day Tomorrow

Sorry for not posting today! I was away from my house, so I couldn’t upload photos. So I will do a recap of Friday and Saturday. 

The fire had made my office all smokey and ashey from the fire Thursday night, so I got Friday off. It was nice to know that I had a day off, but it wasn’t too nice knowing that the fire might get worse. Fortunately, it seems that the Tea fire has been pretty well contained now, and is not causing too much damage. 

On Friday, I went over to James’ for a hearty breakfast. I had some TJ Pomegranate Greek yogurt, some yummy apples, and James’ breakfast concoction. This monster sandwich was garlic sauteed spinach, three eggs, two TJ Middle Eastern Flat Breads (soooooooo good!), cheese, and LOTS of butter. Hey, I told you it was hearty!

From the top it just looks like a pancake

From the top it just looks like a pancake

but you lift up a layer....

but you lift up a layer....

and look at all this cheesiness!

and look at all this cheesiness!

 It was the breakfast of champions! I’ve never tried the TJ Middle Eastern flatbreads before, but it was delicious! It was satisfyingly chewy. Yum. 

And since TOMORROW IS MY NASM PERSONAL TRAINING EXAM (YIKES!!!),  ((wish me luck!!!))I spent the rest of the day studying my butt off! Fortunately, having the day off gave me some extra time to study. And double fortunately, it was 80+ degrees out, so I was able to study and tan at the same time! Don’t hate me for sharing this photo…. it really was a gorgeous day!

tan + study

tan + study

I worked a lot on remembering the movement compensations. 
I’m excited and nervous at the same time about my test tomorrow. I really hope I pass! This will be a great opportunity for me. It will hopefully open new doors for me. Although I’m not going to be training immediately, I’m looking forward to the new path opening in my life. I am going to shadow some expert trainers for a couple months to learn the ropes before starting out on my own. I think I am going to start teaching the Bootycamp SB classes immediately though. I can’t wait!!! 🙂 Wish me luck!

To help me study, I had some coffee. I was really excited to try this in my cup of joe:

Hazelnut milk!

Hazelnut milk!

I found this Pacific Natural Foods Hazelnut Milk at Lazy Acres. I’ve never tried it before, but I thought it would be delicious in some brew. The milk wasn’t my favorite on its own, but in coffee, it lent a very elegant depth to the flavor. It’s not necessarily milky nor creamy, but it is very luxurious tasting, if that makes sense at all. It’s not sweet, but it made the coffee taste like it was worth 5 bucks a cup! Yum. And I took a pic of this apple cuz it was like, neon yellow! haha.

So today, James and I woke up to PERFECT weather outside. It was clear, bright, sunny and HOT! We decided we must take a walk! We walked around More Mesa for an hour and a half, and I got all sweaty and hot! It was great exercise. Heart pumping, sweat dripping, good company… perfect morning. Here are some photos from the walk

the bright blue ocean peaking out

the bright blue ocean peaking out

So pretty! And here is the ocean

yes... this is where I live...

yes... this is where I live...

I can’t believe this is the middle of November and I’m spending a day hanging out in my bikini! This is why I love Santa Barbara so much…..

On the way home, I saw these pretty ‘flowers’

I have no idea what they are. They don’t necessarily smell good or anything. They grow on a tree, like coffee. I don’t know… I just thought it was pretty! 🙂

coffee flowers?

coffee flowers?

And then I spent the afternoon studying some more for the NASM exam!!!!

To make some snacks, James and I went to Ralph’s, and look what I found! The seasonal flavors of Clif bars! They randomly had just ONE of these, in the wrong box. So I quickly snatched it up!

apple pear streusel

pear apple strudel

 OMG! It’s so good! I wasn’t expecting it to be this yummy! It tasted just like a strudel! It had a drizzle of glazing on it. It was crunchy, chewy, sweet, and actually very filling! Even James, who usually doesn’t care for bars, was like, ‘Let’s get a whole box of these!’ Yeah, it IS that good!

Nutrition info:

240 calories, 5g fat, 1g saturated fat, 100 mg sodium, 5g dietary fiber, 22g sugar, 9g protein, 100% Vitamin C, 25% calcium, 100% vitamin E, and a bunch of other minerals. 

A pretty solid bar, if you ask me! It’s a bit heavy on the calories, but it’s satisfying even if you only have half (120 calories) and save the other half for later.

The only problem is, where do I find more!!!???? 

So now I am going to study yet some more. I really hope I pass!

I have some pretty exciting things planned for tomorrow, including taking the test, and GOING TO WHOLE FOODS!!!!!!! 

It is soooooo sad that we do not have a Whole Foods Market in Santa Barbara. It really is unfortunate. But there is one in Thousand Oaks, so I am going there tomorrow. My NASM test is in Camarillo, so I figured, if I have to drive all the way there anyway (about 45 min), I should drive 20 more minutes to Thousand Oaks and to WHOLE FOODS. I am so excited you have no idea. Hopefully I will have a successful shopping trip!
I am also going to Target, which we also don’t have in Santa Barbara. As lovely as Santa Barbara is, there is NO shopping! No WF, no Target, no Wal-mart, no Marshall’s, no TJ Maxx, no nuthin’! So you can imagine just how friggin’ excited I am to go to these stores! haha.

Well, I hope to catch up with all of you tomorrow as a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER!!! ahhh!

Have a great Sunday, all!




  1. Great luck on your test tomorrow!!!! You don’t need the good luck wishes, but I’ll be sending happy (and oh so intelligent) thoughts your way anyway 😉

    Also, definitely picking up those middle eastern flatbreads next time I’m at tj’s they look delish!

  2. That’s a very hearty looking sandwich indeed!

    Don’t worry about the exam, I’m sure you’ll ace it after all that studying and tanning. :p

  3. I’m so so jealous of you living at a place like heaven and be able to study and get tun at the same time!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Man, that breakfast looks so tasty. And the beach makes me want to kick my legs up, drop this whole university deal and move to California…

  5. Thanks for your reply.
    I understand 100% how it feels when you can only see your parents few times a year. I only see them on school-breaks.
    Great eats in Japan!!! I love japanese food…light, healthy and delicious! I’ll ask you for recipes soon ^_^

  6. I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayay! I think it’s because I had all of your positive vibes helping me out! Thanks for wishing me luck, it was great motivation 🙂

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