Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 17, 2008

I Rocked it!

Goooooooooood Morning Blog world! I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday! I sure am! I am in such a good mood today, because yesterday was such a good day. Wanna know why it was such a good day?

I passed my NASM personal training test!


๐Ÿ™‚ I was SO anxious going into the test, and so nervous turning it in! I could hear my heart thumping, and my knees were literally shaking. I wanted to pass so badly!! The test was MUCH harder than I expected, so I was kind of a nervous wreck! But when the test proctor told me I passed, I felt relieved, and ELATED! Woohoo! I’m so stoked! I have a ways to go before I actually start training clients on my own, but I’m so excited that this whole new venue opened up for me ๐Ÿ™‚

And to celebrate after my test, I went shopping! I hardly EVER go shopping. The last time I went shopping was in March. So yeah, it’s been a while. So I was pumped. I was even more pumped, because James and I made a pit stop at WHOLE FOODS in Thousand Oaks.


This is either a blessing or a curse. It’s a blessing because it saves me from blowing tons of cash buying all sorts of interesting things. But it’s also a curse because I can’t blow my cash on tons ofย  yummy eats. The closest one is an hour away at Thousand Oaks, so it makes it kinda difficult to get to. I often dream about it though…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ah Whole Foods. We finally meet

ah Whole Foods. We finally meet

I spend a good amount of time looking up and down each and every aisle. There were so many things I wanted to get, but unfortunately, I had to limit myself to shelf stable items, because I couldn’t take refrigerated things home with me. It was way too hot yesterday, and we still had other errands to run. But I got a whole bunch of stuff I’ve always wanted to try, like Barney Butter, Cashew butter, and the seasonal flavors of Clif Bars!

Whole Foods Loot

Whole Foods Loot

The best part though, was the build your own salad bar. James and I got a huge sample platter of everything!

lots of chicken on the top layer

lots of chicken on the top layer

some hummus and grapes

some hummus and grapes

under all the chicken are the grains and salads!

under all the chicken are the grains and salads!

close up of Israeli cous cous

close up of Israeli cous cous

It was all so delicious! The fried chicken was super crunchy and yummy, the Israeli cous cous was to die for, the wheatberry salad was amazing, the grapes were juicy, and pretty much every thing was the bomb. Too bad I can’t have this more often! I’m so jealous of all the people who live near a Whole Foods!

I also went to Target (cause we don’t have that in SB either! so utterly sad…. No Target! Can you imagine? Oh, the horror… the horror…. haha jk) and picked up a really nice jacket I can work out in, and some random other things. I also went to the Camarillo Premium Outlet Mall, and went to J Crew and Skechers.

OMG heaven!!!!! I was able to find a pair of Chino pants for $29.99 and a cute shirt for only 13 bucks at J Crew! Since I currently DON’T OWN PANTS, and can hardly ever find pants that fit, I bought two pairs! So exciting! I usually loathe pants shopping with a passion, cause I get so frustrated and annoyed trying on endless pairs. I couldn’t believe my luck when my second pair that I tried on FIT! yay yeah! I also found shoes at Skechers for only 45 bucks! I currently only own running shoes, multiple flip flops and Uggs (I live in southern CA, that’s all you really need!) so I badly needed shoes. I found a really cute pair and was very very satisfied.

I love how I spent less money than expected, and got more stuff than expected. It makes Julia vvvvery happy, as she is usually extremely frugal. ๐Ÿ™‚

So exciting

So exciting; goodies from Target and Camarillo Outlet Mall

It was such a successful shopping trip. Phew! This post is getting way long, so I will have just one more photo of me with some celebratory wine. It’s my favorite wine, but good luck trying to pronounce its name; Gewurztraminer! (awesome wine btw, if you like white wines. Very fruity and grape-y, and sweet)

yay! what a fantastic day!

yay! what a fantastic day!

Happy Monday, all, and lets hope for a great week ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚

Question: What is your favorite salad topper?

My answer; Cheese! or fruit



  1. HELL FREAKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I must give a shout-out to the Larabars, my daily eat.

  2. Thanks Veggie Girl! Oh boy oh boy do I wish I could make Larabars a daily eat…. (they are a tad bit pricey…..) mmm I’m day dreaming of one right now…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats Julia, I knew you would kick ass! ๐Ÿ˜› Yay for passing your exam, yummy eats and all that shopping.

    Larabars are indeed very expensive. It costs $3.95 in my country and that is not cheap for a snack at all.

    Let’s see, I like fruit and nuts for salad toppings.

  4. congratulation!!!!!!!!!
    so happy for you!

    favorite salad topping? some protein I guess, either baked tofu, grilled chicken, beans or whatever is available.
    Love WF salad bar!!!

  5. Sounds like a great day Julia!
    So jealous that you found the seasonal Clif bars… last time I checked at my WF they weren’t there… but I’ll look again. Tell me how they taste when you try them.
    I hardly ever go shopping either. I buy all my clothes when I go to China and then I never shop again. Not that I don’t want to! But pants shopping is extremely tedious.
    Good night!

  6. rocked the test and rocked life!

    I’ve given you an award for being so awesometastic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. […] Barney Butter. I FINALLY was able to find a jar when we went to the Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks. (read post here) I was ecstatic to try it out, and boy, it did NOT disappoint! I tried the Crunchy style, and it […]

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