Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 18, 2008

Monday Funday

Ahhh! I am in such a good mood today, despite it being Monday! I have just been on a natural high all day long!

I think I’m still on an adrenaline high from passing my NASM Personal Training Exam yesterday πŸ™‚ I am actually going to start training tomorrow with Doug, the owner of Conditioning Specialists, and the trainer of trainers. I’m gonna get a pretty intensive overview of some heavy duty muscle building routines. I’m very excited to learn, and from such an expert! Hopefully I will be able to learn a lot, and some helpful hints for my own training as well. I’ve never worked with HEAVY weights before (For myself, I like to stick to low weights, high reps) so it will great to learn how to deal with some heavy duty iron!

My morning was immediately made amazing when I found that the amazing Miss Caroline, from Consider This! gave me my first ever blog award!!!!! It’s such an honor to receive such a cool award, even though I haven’t been blogging for so long! It really made my day to know that people enjoy reading my babbles. Thanks so much everyone, for reading my blog! You all make me so wonderfully happy!Β 

The Super Scribbler Award:

The Rules:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link to me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating postΒ here
4. Pass it on to five deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

I am sooooo stoked to pass this award onto:

Lida of Octopuscarwash’s Gourmet Adventures

Coco of Balance, Joy, and Delicias!

Jess from Jess in Check

Heather from Hangry Pants

Amanda from Amanda’s Good Eats

I just want to say, I’ve been having such a ball beginning this blog, and a blast getting to know fellow bloggers. It’s so great to feel connected to such a cool group of smart, motivated, inspirational women! Thanks for including me πŸ™‚

Well, if this cool award wasn’t enough, I went on a walk around downtown SB today during my lunch break. The weather was pretty much perfect, the sky was clear, and I was feelin’ energetic, so I set out to tackle the STEEP effin’ hill on California Street. I had my iPod playing, and I totally rocked that hill! I just whizzed up it, no problemo! I mean, sure my buns and hamstrings were burnin’ and screamin’, but it felt sooooo good. Man, it’s so nice to get some fresh air in the middle of the day! I should definitely do this more often.Β 

I was listenin’ to these songs that I rocked out to while walking:

Don’t Call Me Baby by Madison Avenue (totally reminds me of when I lived in my sorority house)
I like the Way by Bodyrockers (I like to strut my stuff like I’m some Victoria’s Secret model on the runway when I hear this song. Oh yeah. I have no shame. I shake my hips left and right walking down the street to this song. Haha! I mean, it puts me in such a great mood! Makes me think I’m Adrianna Lima. I happen to have a huuuuge crush on her)
Windward Skies by Ten Feet (I love Hawaiian music! Check out KCCNFM100 if you like Hawaiian Reggae)

Do you have any songs that you absolutely CANNOT resist jamming to?Β 


The park outside my office

The park outside my office

I walked for about an hour, and it was amazingly refreshing and energizing! I can’t believe how much a little sun can improve my mood. I get really antsy sitting in my office all day long. It’s so nice to be able to stretch my legs and get some exercise into my day.Β 

But since I can’t do this EVERY day, I have a question to anyone who might be able to help me. If you work at a desk all day, (or for long periods of time) what do you do to keep from feeling as stiff as a board? So you have any tips to keep your body feeling relaxed and energized?

I would love to know, because it can get tough sometimes to be sitting for so long. Any and all suggestions will be extremely appreciated.

Boy this post is getting long! I will post photos and recipe from my cooking class tomorrow. We made some delicious dishes, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you πŸ™‚ Until then, adieu!Β 



  1. haHA we Must have been writing our posts at the exact same time- I gave you the same award!!!

    Hope that natural high stays for quite some time- it’s amazing that you passed and are really on the road to an amazing career and life!!

  2. […] See original here: Monday Funday […]

  3. Congrats again on the test!! THATS HUGE!!!

    My song: Hey Ya! By Outkast…. love it!


    **My “jam out” song: “Show Me The Money” by Petey Pablo (it’s the opening song of the movie “Step Up”)

  5. Congrats to the award and thanks so much for passing it to me….I’m so so so honored!!!!

    my favorite song lately is Blake Shelton’s I wanna go home ^_^. If you haven’t heard it, try to find it, it’s great!!!

    Have a wonderful day~~~~

  6. Thanks for all the love! Much appreciated πŸ™‚

    Mara – OMG, I love the part in the song when they say “shake it shake it…” you know the part! Booty shaking time! haha

    Veggie Girl – Ooh I love that song too! It’s on my “workout” playlist on my iPod

    Coco – I’ve never heard of Blake Shelton. Gonna hit up iTunes to check it out!

    Jess – Yay! Thanks for the award! πŸ™‚ I guess great minds think alike? πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow, thank you so much for the award!! And congrats on passing your exam!

  8. THATS the veiw from your office? I get to watch the McDonald’s employees smoke out back on their breaks….

    congrats on passing the test!!

    Kelly Turner

  9. And I just added you to my blogroll! hahahhaa….. ^_^

  10. my colleagues like to fool around, and all of a sudden do push ups, play ball across the office, walk around, and do one-leg squats. haha. it’s the best to joke around with ur colleagues! just standing up, stretching, and talking to pple around the office to me makes a difference too πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you so much for the award! I just got it and passed it on, so I am going to withhold from doing it again right now, but thank you soooooo much! I love your blog!!!!

    I think I may have missed your original announcement, but congrats on passing the exam!

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