Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | November 25, 2008

Rain, Rain, (Don’t) Go Away

I feel like we are FINALLY entering into fall/winter weather here in Santa Barbara. For the first time, the weather is in the low 60’s, and it’s cloudy. It actually started raining about half an hour ago. We don’t get rain much here, so I’m not complaining. I’m actually going to admit that I kind of enjoy it. (I never ever like rain) It feels nice, cool (not cold), and moist. Though I do want it to stop by tonight 🙂

I was really stoked last night, when I got to be a guest blogger on Tina’s blog Carrots ‘n’ Cake. Hers was one of the first food blogs I came across, and have been hooked ever since! I shared an easy and delicious Tofu Gratin recipe, and my thoughts entitles “Why Julia thinks Japanese women don’t get fat,” from my experience growing up in Tokyo. Please check the post out HERE, and Tina’s amazing blog devoted to a healthy balance!

I was also stoked cause I did some yoga from Yoga never fails to put me in a better mood. More calm, more grounded, more positive. Love it. Can’t get enough of it!

Last night was James’ birthday, so I baked him a super moist and perfect and delicious Pumpkin Cake. (PS – thanks to all of you who wished him a good one! He blushed when I told him he had so many people thinking of him! 🙂 how cute)

Happy Birthday James!

Happy Birthday James!

The cake was incredibly amazing for how simple it was! It was soooo moist, soft, and flavorful. I thought of doing a pumpkin pie for his b-day, but pie just somehow isn’t birthday-ish enough, so I went with the cake. But it tastes just like pie! Maybe even better 🙂

I know it’s a simple looking cake, but we are simple people who enjoy the simple things in life. 🙂 And plus, it’s the thought/effort that counts 😉

Cake; close up

Cake; close up

After putting in all the candles, the cake was full of holes, but it tasted so  yummy. This cake recipe is a keeper! (It only has 3 ingredients in it!)

Although the day was fantastic, there was just one sad detail. 😦

I polished off the last bit of my first jar of Barney Butter. I FINALLY was able to find a jar when we went to the Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks. (read post here) I was ecstatic to try it out, and boy, it did NOT disappoint! I tried the Crunchy style, and it kind of made my head spin, it was so good.

Until we meet again....

Until we meet again....

Have you all had a chance to try this amazing almond butter? It was heavenly on my bananas, and equally heavenly on bread. I tried with all my will power not to gobble it all down in three days. I fought with temptation, and was able to make it last a whole EIGHT days! Yeeah, three cheers for Julia! I am actually very sad that it is all gone….. I never got a chance to try it with pumpkin. I really hope to get my paws on another jar very very soon. 😉

PS – don’t you just love the beautiful color that is my bedroom wall? I affectionately refer to it as “puke green.” It is most definitely NOT my color of choice (eeew). I’ve been wanting to re-paint it ever since I moved in. But alas, procastination has been winning this war….. I guess it’s not as bad as the bedroom one of my friends recently moved into; NEON ELECTRIC BLUE. Man, I wonder who in the world thought that neon wall color was a good idea? At least puke green is not that offensive…. What do you think would be the worst room color ever?

I generally think anything NEON should be off limits. Also, I would not like to live in a bedroom with black walls; too depressing.

Changing topics, I am psyched that tomorrow is my “Friday.” I can’t wait till the break! My friend and I are going to cook our first ever Thanksgiving meal together, bcs neither of us can make it home this year. I’m very excited about this culinary adventure we are going to have! Hopefully, everythings will turn out OK and we won’t have a kitchen catastrophe.

Ok, gotta go search for some yummy Turkey day recipes! 🙂 Then I’m gonna go to the new Conditioning Specialists‘ new group fitness class, “Battle of the Bulge.” Can’t wait to feel the burn and sweat!

Hope all of you have a great afternoon/evening!



  1. Enjoy it – there 4 FEET OF SNOW HERE!! I’m NOT enjoying it, haha ;0)

    I loved your guest post last night on Tina’s blog!! Kudos!!

    Love the photo of the birthday boy with his cake 🙂

    Mmm, Barney Butter.

    Worst room color ever = phelgm green.

    Can’t wait to read how that fitness class goes – have fun!!

  2. Veggie Girl-
    oh eeew! hahah, Phlegm green most definitely would be a nasty color! I am cracking up just thinking about it! The name in it of itself is pretty foul too! I can just HEAR some guy coughing it up 😉

  3. Ew… phlegm green… though I absolutely hate patterned walls. They kind of make me nauseous.

    I’m looking for BB tomorrow!

  4. Julia, it’s such a coincidence that our bfs birthday is the same day. And from the photo I can see that you bf has a good heart as mine. I’m sure yours is an angel too.

    I’ve just began to have Barney Butter, it’s great~~~~~~~~ I love it!

    And I think the worst color for the bedroom would be brown.

    And great reasons for Why japanese woman don’t get fat!

  5. 1. that cake looks amazing

    2. thank you thank you for introducing me to yogadownload!!!

    3. AMAZING guest post- it was really well thought out and the recipe looks divine. I would put a permanent link to it somewhere on your blog because you should be Really proud

    4. when you were extolling the benefits of a japanese diet, it reminded me of an article I just read highlighting the ‘Mediterr-Asian’ diet. Generally I feel like it’s generally how we like to eat, so might be worth looking up. Wish I could think of the name of the magazine that talked about it!

    5. I’ve really missed reading your blog the past few days, it makes me sad i’ve been in a funk, haha!

  6. It’s cooling off down in the sunshine state too (fingers crossed at least!)
    What a cute cake- bf looks happy! 🙂

  7. awww nice cake!!!

    worst room color? hmm… i hate dark colors, like dark red or green…….eeeeew

  8. Black walls probably take the cake for worst room color ever, although I think I would go crazy after a few days with a really sappy pink.
    My room used to be turquoise, which I actually really liked… It wasn’t too neon.
    Now my room is white, but one wall is covered with a giant picture of the ocean (still turquoise).
    In one of those cheesy room makeover books I remember they said you should paint the inside of your closet neon yellow to wake yourself up in the morning. Ha. Fun idea.
    I’m so jealous of your Barney butter… we don’t have it over here 😦
    Have a good Thanksgiving!
    ps I loved your guest post about how Japanese women don’t get fat

  9. The cake looks great. Happy belated Birthday, James!

    I haven’t tried Barney Butter. They don’t sell it on the east coast. I have tried other almond butter and I love it!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  10. Thanks all for the wonderful birthday wishes!
    I really did blush when she told me that she had solicited birthday wishes from strangers. I loved it, though and it must have worked well because I had a fantastic birthday. It’s hard not to when you have a pumpkin cake baked all for you. It tasted just like pumpking pie, but with the texture of a cake. Every year I brag about how I would be happy with just a pumpkin pie, but this year Julia proved me wrong. This thing was SO much better. Plus, you can’t put candles in a pie. Thanks a bunch, Julia! I can’t get over how tired I look in this picture. Maybe someday soon y’all will get to see a picture of me lookin good. Keep it up, Jujube!

  11. Yaaaaaay James! I can’t wait till you are back in SB! I’ll bake you a cake any day, and you know I think you always look like a champ! 🙂

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