Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | December 5, 2008

Wednesday recap

Wow. I would like to thank the awesome bloggers Veggie Girl, Coco, and Hangry Pants for reading even when I had nothing to say! You ladies rock! Oh, and head on over to Hangry Pants and leave a comment, because they are being the amazing lovely selves that they are, and they are doing a food drive for the holiday season, donating 5 cents for every comment. I find this to be so respectable and admirable! Way to go!

Wednesday Workout
I did:

I was kinda tired and didn’t really feel like working out, but I knew that it would make me feel refreshed and happy if I did, so I did. And guess what, it worked! I felt a ton better after my workout 🙂 And I also made sure to NOT do exercises that will hurt my wrist and shoulder. Such a good girl I am. Haha!

Wednesday Pleasures

UM….. How frickin amazing was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!!! I look forward to this night every single year! I have a major girl crush on Adrianna Lima. She is so unbelievably beautiful. OMG.

And to go along with the show James and I had some wine

two for one

two for one

Now, at first glance, this may seem like your average bottle of wine. But no….! One of the bottles was only 10 cents! That’s right, just ten cents. Von’s was having a deal last night where if you bought one bottle for $8.99, the second bottle is only $0.10. Now that’s a bargain if there ever was one! 🙂 (and no, we only made it through half of one bottle – such light weights, haha)

Back to the show…. I really loved how glamorous all the costumes were. I liked how the girls were more “covered up” this year, instead of waltzing around in teeny weeny thongs. I think there is something so sexy about a one-piece, or a pair of booty shorts! I mean, yeah, skin is sexy, but I think sometimes it is sexier to leave a little to the imagination 😉 And the models! They are sooooo amazingly beautiful! Sigh……. They are so far removed from the “normal” realm of beauty that I don”t even feel jealous, or envy, or anything. I just like to admire them. Am I being totally creep balls here?

Boys Eats

As we were watching the show, James made himself a snack. One reason why I am jealous of boys (other than the fact that they can pee while standing…. – hey! This can come in super handy sometimes….) is the fact they can eat like beasts and not gain weight. Tina, from Carrots ‘n’ Cake talked about how differently her husband prepares his oatmeal from her. Have you ever noticed the huge differences in eating habits between the two sexes? For example, take a look at James’ snack… more like a meal!

A snack...?

A snack...?

will you please just look at how thick the ham is?

will you please just look at how thick the ham is?

And the crazy thing is, these are slices #5-7. I think the total at the end may have even been 8 slices. And a whole pack of ham. Way to put ’em down, James!
I’ve seen guys chow down on whole pints of ice cream, half a dozen donuts, an entire loaf of bread, and pounds of steak. Not that I want to eat a 3lb burger, mind you, but being able to eat half a dozen donuts, heck, even 2 donuts, without worrying about it will be super refreshing.

Do you have any characteristics of guys you’ve ever been jealous of?

Good night, fellow bloggers. Tomorrow is Friday. One more day till the weekend. Hip hip hooray!



  1. Why can guys eat so much?!?! It’s crazy. Bobby’s snacks are always more than I eat for a meal. Happy late anniversary btw 🙂

    Hooray for yoga abs 🙂

  2. good work-out and no you’re not creepy b/c any lesbian crush on VS models is completely legitimate 😀 I sort of talked about emotional eating in a recent post and Catherine of Stevia n Spice noted how most guys don’t attach emotion to food which is interesting! I’ve never seen a guy down a pint of ice cream because a girl didn’t call or something! 😀

  3. woooooo……. you did 3 kinds of yoga…..woooooo!!! yesterday I finally purchase vinyasa yoga #1 to do it at home, it was great!!!!!!! I’ll definitely download more since during my trip in China I won’t be able to attend to a gym.

    as it was expected, I falled into sleep becaue the show began, so I can’t share with you my thoughts about it. But i’m sure those girls are fabulous. And I’m agree with you, they’re not “normal beauty”, so i’m not jealous at all. 🙂

    And for the guys, I’ve noticed that only young young guys eat like tiger and not gain weight. When they get older, their metabolism slows down and they get weight eventually. And in term of characteristic that I’m jealous of them? Not really, because I’m kind like a boy. ajjaj…… 😉

  4. Great recap!!

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Man, boys eat so differently… seriously! My fiance can put away more food than I could in 3 days, and STILL lose weight at WW!

  6. You’re so right. Since becoming vegan 2 years ago, my husband has lost 25 pounds and I’ve lost about 5 pounds. We eat the same foods. His portions are always larger than mine. I do kettlebells for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week. He’s an artist and draws all day for at least 8 hours a day. Exercises when he has the time for about 15 minutes. Makes me mad.

  7. Carolinebee- that is interesting about the fact that most guys don’t attach emotions to food. When they do pig out and consume unbelievable amounts of food, its actually a source of pride for them, and they get bragging rights! So strange how the two sexes are so different.

    VeganTickles – cute name! And thanks for reading! 🙂 Girls have to work so much harder at life I feel like, sometimes! haha. I would love to pig out and do a 15 min workout!
    I’ve never tried kettlebells before. Do you use them in a class setting?

  8. I think the level of stress sets women up for metabolic syndrome, as well. NO I’M TOTALLY KIDDING! Guys eat like piggo-s and I try not to compare, because then I totally want to eat like one too! 😉 (Not that I don’t already…)

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