Posted by: Santa Barbara Dreaming | December 11, 2008

Practicing my running

Ohhhhhh man I cannot wait till the weekend! I know I say this every week, but I honestly do wish for the weekend all week long. Tell me I’m not the only one! 😉  I mean, not that my weekdays are hard and stressful, (they aren’t) but the weekned means I can take naps if I want to, work out when it’s actually light out, and do a bunch of cooking! I seriously will not complain if they start mandating three day weekends! 🙂 haha.

Wednesday Workout:
I ran again last night, and finished 4 miles in 38 minutes. I experimented with a bunch of different running speeds, and I discovered that I’m comfortable running at a slightly faster pace. So next time, I think I’m going to do a shorter, but faster run, to see how that feels. I had a question though; is it better to increase speed or distance first? Does anyone know the answer to that?

I also did an hour long Battle of the Bulge Class again. I’m really enjoying these classes a lot. You get a tough, comprehensive, full-body workout in one hour. And we do different exercises in each class, so you keep challenge your muscles in new ways. Excellent. I was for sure feeling the burn last night! 🙂

….and since my life is lacking in the “thrill” department currently, I will give you a couple of protein bar reviews. Because as you know, I can’t get enough of these buggers!!! (But I’ve been good. I only bought one full price. My challenge to not purchase junk food this month is going well!)

thinkThin chocolate Fudge flavor:

thinkThin Chocolate Fudge flavor

thinkThin Chocolate Fudge flavor

This thinkThin bar cost me a whopping $2.39. I wouldn’t buy it or eat it even if it was only 50 cents. Ick! It had that unmistakable chalky texture prevalent among protein bars, and a cardboardy/powdery taste. It didn’t taste anything like chocolate fudge! I was drawn to this bar because of it’s name and stylish appearance. But with 240 calories, 8g of fat, and only 1g of fiber, there is nothing “Thin” about this bar! The only things I liked about this bar was its chocolate coating, 0g sugar, and it’s chewy texture. But simply put, it did NOT taste good. Protein bars don’t HAVE to taste like protein, in my opinion. I’ll stick to my Promax bars.

240 calories, 8g fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 20g protein, 0g sugar, 15g sugar alcohol, 1g fiber, 25% calcium… click here for more info

Clif Bar Carrot Cake Flavor:

Clif Bar Carrot Cake flavor

Clif Bar Carrot Cake flavor

No offense to anyone who’s a fan of this Clif Bar flavor, but I give it a Doubleick!” How should I describe its taste….. Kind of like, if a bunch of scientists got togehter, decided to chemically re-create the taste of a carrot, then inject it with a bucket of sugar and rice krispies. Get the idea? I had great expectations for this flavor, esp considering how yummy carrot cakes are. But this o tasted artificial and chemically to me. No wonder; carrots are listed at #20 out of 28 ingredients.

Info: 240 calories, 4g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 10g protein, 5g fiber. Click here for more details. Nutritionally much better than the thinkThin bar.

So there you have it folks. I am going to another BootyCamp SB class today to take notes on cueing. After teaching my first circuit on Saturday, I figured out that the hardest challenge for me is going to be saying the right things at the right time. In other words, how to communicate the proper form and technique. So I am really going to pay attention to learn how to say stuff! It’s gonna be hard for me, because I tend to communicate a lot through body gestures and onomatopoeia. And ononmatopoeia is NOT a great way to teach exercises! Imagine; “And your legs go like boom, and them you go swoosh and woosh!” Yeah. That makes no sense. Learn to speak in ENGLISH, Julia! haha.

Hopefully my life will start to get more exciting soon. So here is my question of the post: What one “risky” adventure would you want to go on one day?

My answer: Reverse bungee jumping! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :0

Edited to add: I forgot to ask another question. Inspired by Coco and Maggie, I finally bought some Ricotta Cheese. BUT, I have a problem. I don’t mind the taste, but I can’t stand the texture! What do you do to make it tast good?



  1. Hang in there!! The weekend IS almost here 🙂

    **Risky adventure = REAL rock climbing (I only do the rock walls right now).

  2. Hi Julia!
    I’m new to your blog, but I absolutely love it. 🙂 Your energy is so infectious, and you just seem so fun! The Battle of the Bulge class sounds amazing, by the way. The weekend’s almost here!

  3. I’d love to go sky diving. Bungee jumping sounds fun too.

    I would say up the distance first, but I have no idea.

    I always see those silly “think thin” bars and wonder how they can market them like that?? The nutritionals sound terrible.

    Favorite part about the weekend = naps.

  4. the carrot cake flavor is one of the few i haven’t tried! good to know it’s not a keeper
    i was wondering if the think think bars were good, but never wanted to spend the money for them when i could get 2 bars that i know i like for the price of 1 of those nasty things.
    my favorite part about the weekend is SLEEPING IN!!

  5. Oh man, I would kill to scale a mountain, or sky dive! Ahh!
    Best of luck with the running! I’ve got bum knees, so Im no help- good vibes though! 😉

  6. Good luck with the running, and MEGA YAY that it’s almost Friday!!

    I agree with your sentiments on the carrot cake bar… you should try the Gnu Bars though, I just got some and they’re awesome!

  7. WOW two sucky bar reviews!?? haha I just posted last night about the Think Thin bar, I’ve had PB one which are good, but they are so super thick and protein-y, I feel like it gets stuck in my throat or something!? 😀 that’s appetizing…My risky adventure is scuba diving for sure, my dad was certified and i NEED to do it!!

  8. great workouts!!! And weekend is so closE!!!!!

    what? you don’t like the texture of ricotta???? oh…. sorry to know that, because that’s the part that I like most. I think if you don’t like to eat it plain you can mix it with yogurt and/or apple sauce.

    oh…I have something for you, check out my blog.

  9. I love ricotta cheese in everything and anything, so I am not sure what to tell you. You can try adding it to macaroni to make a macaroni & cheese bake. I love that. Or if you want something sweet maybe add pumpkin and a little honey. I love it!

    Also, I could not agree with you more about that think thin bar. I couldn’t even finish it when I tried it!!! Never tried the Clif Bar though. I will avoid it now. 😀

  10. ive never tried the carrot cake, but it sounds so good! Ill have to keep an eye out next time.

    Kelly Turner

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